Rules for Performing Musicians (The Complete List)

In this series, I’m giving a list of rules that I’ve learned from experience. I’ll try to take a light-hearted approach to list a set of rules about things that people may not know. This list is for performing musicians, but anyone might find some or all of the rules to be of value.

These are things I’ve learned from decades of performing. These are the actual rules that nobody will tell you. They may be things you already know, they may be things that are new to you.

I will keep the list going for as long as I can and we’ll see if we can get a whole bunch of ’em listed. If you have any rules to add to the list, just let me know in a comment to one of the entries.

1. Do not have sex with other members of the band! (link)
2. Carry a first aid kit! (link)
3. Get it in writing! (link)
4. Hire a lawyer! (link)
5. Hire a manager! (link)
6. Watch your shit! (link)
7. Learn to budget! (link)
8. Bring extra clothing! (link)
9. Bring spares! (link)
10. Pack one of everything! (link)
11. It’s your business! (link)
12. Hire an accountant! (link)
13. Practice, practice, practice! (link)
14. Maintain your kit! (link)
15. Remember your fans! (link)
16. Security matters! (link)
17. Use your own gear! (link)
18. You’re gonna be poor! (link)
19. Be sober-ish! (link)
20. Manage your time! (link)
21. Keep fit! (link)
22. Be critical of yourself! (link)
23. Performance anxiety! (link)
24. Electricity! (link)
25. Protect your hearing! (link)
26. Be in tune! (link)
27. Skip the drama! (link)
28. Be consistent! (link)
29. Play your audience! (link)
30. Soundcheck! (link)
31. Be prompt! (link)
32. Venue Walk-through! (link)
33. Branding! (link)
34. Communicate with the crowd! (link)
35. Your local music shop! (link)
36. Band meetings! (link)


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