A quick post about learning to play music.

Guess what? My creativity bone is still broken! But, fear not, I have something for you.

Not terribly long ago, a question came in from a person on Poal and they asked about the differences between playing a banjo and a guitar. That’s beyond my area, but I was able to get them the answer they were looking for. You can see the result of that question by clicking here.

Anyhow, that led to some commentary over on Poal and one of my answers to their question seemed interesting enough, so I saved it for later review and possible inclusion as an article stub.

Today, you get that answer – as few people would have seen it. Enjoy!
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Things look different from the stage, #8.5.

Yup… Creativity bone is still broken. I did some digging and it looks like I’ve actually been doing this every day for 12 weeks. So, I’m not surprised that my creativity bone is broken.

So, I figured I’d keep it up but I’m going to tell you about the show we did last evening – or at least a small part of it. Why? ‘Cause I gotta tell you something and, besides, I think it’s moderately interesting.

I don’t really write these articles often. These are blog-like articles and they’re a bit about what we see from up there. People seem to like hearing about it, so I might as well share. It’s not nearly as exciting as people seem to think.

In fact, we had no strippers, mounds of coke, or nude groupies backstage. We didn’t even really have a backstage. Shit, we didn’t even have official dressing rooms. But, it does look different from up there. We’re watching you while you’re watching us.
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Things look very different from the stage, #8.

Well, my creativity bone is still broken. ‘Snot like it’ll keep me from pounding the keyboard, but it does mean I’m not very punctual.

For those that don’t know, I use WordPress as my “CMS.” That’s Content Management System, and it does all the back-end work for me. It’s really meant for people who want to write blogs but most of what I write doesn’t feel quite like a blog.

These things do. These are the little diary-type things. I don’t write them for every show, but I’ll write one for this one.

I’m still not sure for whom these are written, but I enjoy ’em and folks read them. So, here we go…
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TheBuddha Writes a Bad Review!

So, as I’ve told you, my creativity bone is broken. Yup, busted up real goodly. I’m late, again. I couldn’t think of anything to write about.

I have a spare article. I’m saving it. I also had today’s show postponed, due to weather. So, I figured I’d not use that one today. I figured I’d write something different today, but couldn’t think of anything to write.

By the way, for those following along, the eldest hoodlum is pretty damned grumpy about today’s show being called off. It’s okay, it’ll give her time to practice some more.

Anyhow, today I’m gonna write a bad review. It’s a bit generic, but it’s a sentiment I’ve had for ages.
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All about you…

I know, I’m late again! I told you, my creativity bone is broken. I just don’t feel like writing the things I have been writing and I’m not sure what I want to write about.

So, today, I figured I’d tell you about you.

Yes, I know a bit about you. This happens when you send headers to the server. It’s kind of important that the server’s know what packets to send and where to send them. To do that, we have to know a bit about each other.

Well, this article is about you…
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It’s time for the 21st guitarist better than Hendrix!

My regular readers (of which there are far more than I deserve) will know that my creativity bone is busted. That hasn’t stopped me from writing – but it has changed how I’m doing things.

You’re still getting an article a day, and yesterday marked the 100th article!

But, the truth is, writing this particular week’s Guitarist Better Than Hendrix is a bit like work. The fun isn’t gone, but it has become an obligation. I’m not sure who I’m obligated to – except I’m pretty sure it’s me. I kinda doubt too many folks would get pissy if I didn’t write this week’s article about a guitarist better than Hendrix, but I’d feel like I let myself down.

Why? I’m not really sure. To date, the ads have made like $10 and, frankly, I don’t actually even need the money.

But, when I think about it, I’m pretty sure it’s ’cause I’m still pissed at Rolling Stone, among others, who have done great guitarists the disservice of putting Hendrix on a pedestal he doesn’t deserve.

I say, with complete seriousness, that I play guitar better than Hendrix. That’s not ego (though I have plenty, perhaps too much) but a statement of reality. The reality is, Hendrix wasn’t a great guitarist by the metrics that I feel should be applied to such ratings.

I’ve been over that before and you can read the complete list here. The really short version is that ‘greatest’ should be a technical qualification with as much subjectivity removed as possible.

Those dirty rotten, mouth-breathing, degenerate, sons-of-dogs at Rolling Stone Magazine pounded their keyboards, while wearing mittens, and gleefully declared that Hendrix was the greatest. (You knew that was coming, right?) Well, not only them, but many other lemmings have followed suit.

In short, they’re wrong. They’re so wrong, that I’ve been able to demonstrate how wrong they were – 20 frigging times already!

And maybe that’s my obligation. I must fix this and let the world know that there are guitarists who have existed, and continue to exist, who play far better than Hendrix. Such as today’s featured guitarist…
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This is the 100th article for the site! Thanks to you folks for tolerating it!

That’s right. 100 articles!

Hells yeah! I’ve been pounding this stupid keyboard for a while now. There’s some 100 articles! (Technically, there are 101 – but that’s ’cause I still have my “holy balls, I’m out of time” article in the queue.) So, this is the 100th published article.

When I first started this, I figured I’d write three entries and then forget about it. Hell, I figured this subject was one of my favorite subjects – so I might even make five articles.

But, you crazy bastards kept coming back and encouraging me. The truth is, I’m still kinda baffled that my gibberish amuses you this much.

I’m grateful that it does. See, these are things I’ve wanted to put down in text, for a long time. It’s your commentary, questions, and interest that has motivated me to do this.

Granted, I never thought it’d look like this. I always kind of pictured me spending my last years of life writing a few scholarly articles on the subject, destined for academia. Fuck ’em. I like this style better.

I have pondered turning this into a book and just giving it away or taking donations and giving the donations to a worthy cause. Meh… We’ll figure that out when we get that far.

Oh, I forgot to tell you…

Seeing as the site has reached 100 articles, I’m being pure selfish today. I know, it’s you that motivates me – but I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and my creative bone is still broken. So, you are getting this today.

Without further ado…
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So, you bought yourself a guitar and it’s still sitting in the corner?

I told you, my creativity well is running low. There’s still many things I’ll write about, but I’m actually reaching into things I’d have written in the future and bringing them to this time to publish them.

There actually is a madness to my method!

Well, today I’m going to be talking to some of you who are more at the beginner stage. You might think that it’d have suited if I’d started with you, but there’s a cold hard truth that I’m just going to tell you.

I don’t believe you. So many experiences tell me that when you say you’re going to learn to play guitar that you’re not actually going to keep it up very long.

Here, go back and read a rough draft of my thoughts on the subject of learning to play guitar. In that article, I put a very low number on the number of hours I’ve dedicated to mastering the instrument.

The thing is, I don’t expect you to do that. Fuck no. You’d have to be right out of you fucking mind to do that. Seriously, it’s not worth it – for most people. It really isn’t.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to play a guitar and have fun with it.
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Lessons about performing, lesson 42: Don’t do shit for exposure!

It’s amusing how bad at predicting the future of this site has gone. It has somehow gone from anticipating making a few posts and being done with it to the point where I try to get something out there every day for you.

I got a question from a guy we’re going to call “Bob.” Bob is not his real name, but he asked why I do this – if I’m not making any money at it.

Well, Bob, I enjoy it. I also like the idea of helping people. People seem to enjoy the work and I enjoy seeing the comments and hit counter go up. No, they don’t click ads, but I’m rewarded in other ways.

Yes, I’d like the site to break even. I don’t much care about a profit, so breaking even is just the goal. Anything additional would go to some worthy cause, perhaps some sort of gift for the regular readers.

Bob followed this up with asking why I didn’t seek out sponsors. Well, Bob, I’m pretty lazy and I might someday want to write reviews – and I’d like those reviews to be untainted with the smell of bias. So far, I’ve written mostly nice things, but I have plenty of not-nice things to say.

So, there you have it, Bob. Those are the answers to your question. They have not a damned thing to do with today’s post, but I’m going to put it here anyhow.

No, today’s post is something different. It’s yet another lesson that you might want to learn. This one has some caveats, but we’ll try to address them.

I’m not going to write my longer intro, ’cause I was busy answering Bob. If you want to see the complete list of rules for performing musicians, see this link.

Now, onto today’s article…
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My secret as to why I frequently get told I’m “tight.” (That’s not innuendo!)

Try as I might, my creative juices just haven’t been flowing lately. To top it off, we’ve lately had a weekend guest contributor, but they’ve gone on vacation. So, that means I need to fill the Sunday slot myself.

I’m gonna guess you’ve noticed that I try to get something out to you every single day – and have done so for more than a couple of months now. In Internet-years, that’s pretty much a lifetime’s worth of site articles.

Speaking of which, I got the strangest email the other day. I wasn’t going to tell anyone, ’cause I really don’t want to encourage this behavior. But, it amused me and I’m going to share it, before I get to the article.

This person had done their homework, as they referred to me by my real first name. (It’s David, I don’t actually hide that. I know, you were probably thinking my real name was TheBuddha, but it’s not.) They offered to buy my site.

I sent them a reply letting them know that the laughable amount of money they’d offered wouldn’t even cover purchasing a single article. Shit, the only reason I have ads is ’cause I want to automate the site’s payment. They offered me a grand sum of $75.

No, I’m not kidding. Part of me thinks that’s actually more than the site is worth, but another part of me is pretty damned sure it’s worth more than that due to the traffic alone. Really, however, I think it’s priceless, ’cause these fucking articles are pretty damned awesome. (I admit my bias!)

So, in the harsh world of the ‘net, we’ve been slapped in the face and told our contributions to the world of guitar are worth a paltry sum. Harsh, man. Harsh.

I told you I was out of creativity – but I’m not out of things to write. No, no… Those that know me well will tell you that I’m very seldom at a loss for words. Which means you get a boring article today.
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