Guitarists Better Than Hendrix (The complete list.)

This is the complete list (as published) of guitarists better then Hendrix. I will add new artists as they’re added to the list. Discussion and comments are not enabled on this page. If you want to tell me how wrong I am, comment on the articles about artists you disagree with.

Do know that comments are moderated but I’ve already published comments I don’t agree with. My agreement isn’t mandatory. Being civil is mandatory. Well, mostly civil. You can call me a fucking idiot and tell me how wrong I am. I’m okay with that – and I tell you how wrong you are in pretty much every article! So, you can argue – but you’re just going to be wrong!

Now, to the list!

  1. Les Paul
  2. Chet Atkins
  3. Eric Clapton
  4. Slash
  5. Eddie Van Halen
  6. Django Reinhardt
  7. Stevie Ray Vaughan
  8. Yngwie Malmsteen
  9. Randy Rhoads
  10. Jeff Beck
  11. Glen Campbell
  12. Frank Zappa
  13. Steve Vai
  14. Joe Satriani
  15. Ritchie Blackmore
  16. Buckethead
  17. Jeff Healey
  18. John Petrucci
  19. Paco de Lucia

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