Contact Me.

Want to bitch at me? Want to tell me how wrong I am? Want to tell me that I suck and you fucked my mother? Well, this is the way to do it. I ain’t scared. I ain’t never scared!

If you want to use my real name, instead of calling me TheBuddha, then my real name is David (never Dave). You can call me anything you want.

I reserve the right to publish any funny comments you make and claim it was my idea. I reserve the right to respond to any comment you send me. I reserve the right to call you names if you say something stupid.

I will NEVER give out your contact details. If you do not want me using your name (should I opt to share your comment) then please let me know. If it appears that you used a full/real name, I probably will not actually share that – unless you very specifically tell me that you want me to.

In fact, I have an official privacy policy! Some site gave it to me just for filling in a few things. It seems to say what I want it to say. Basically, it means I won’t give away your information. GDPR also says I have to tell you what information I have about you – if I have any. That only applies for Europeans, but I’ll do it for everyone who asks.

Anyhow, contact me! I don’t mind, really. I tried to make it not require a name – but I’m too stupid to figure out how to change that. So, you can just name yourself whatever you want, including using your real name. I give not one shit about it. None shits…

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