A review of the Dillion DR 450

If you’re a fan of this guitar, you may wish to use the little X button in the upper right part of your browser or to make judicious use of the back button. I’ve been debating writing this for a day or two and I’m not sure if this is a direction that I want to take site’s articles – but it seems likely that they’ll go there.

Let’s start with a story, shall we? The only problem is, this is a story that can begin in any number of different places – and end in a bunch more places.



If you recall, I recently had to take a trip with my drummer. He’s a good kid (if mid-30s is still a kid) and is very skilled at drumming. What he is not so skilled at is driving.

But, skipping that topic entirely, he’s also not a very skilled guitar player. He’s so gonna read this. That’s okay, he knows his guitar playing isn’t up to snuff – nor is it expected to be. He told me a friend had an excellent guitar that he wanted to sell.

This close friend of his this guitar that he was interested in selling and, because I’m afflicted with a horrible disease, I told ’em to bring it by and I’d give it a test drive for a few days. I’d then decide if it was something I’d be interested in owning at the asking price.

It was on that recent trip that he dropped off a Dillion DR 450, in a gig bag (!) and with a note asking if I’d take a look at the intonation. I’d never played one before but it can’t be that different to fix intonation issues.

I agreed and agreed that I’d make my decision by the weekend, the weekend that is now over. I’ll tell you what decision I made, and why.
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