About the site – some mushy shit.

Alright, you assholes. Pay attention. This is not even remotely important.

I want to write about the site. Specifically, this site. Basically, I want to thank you for your participation.

For those that aren’t aware, being a musician was a primary source of income and then a secondary source of income. Eventually, I didn’t need the money anymore, but I just kept playing. Then, I retired.

I retired because I sold my business. What was my business?

My business was math. As such, I have an affinity for numbers. I also worked on large data sets. So, I like a lot of numbers. I fucking love numbers. I love rational, irrational, imaginary, theoretical, etc! I love ’em in sets and… Yeah, y’all don’t really want to read about that…

What I have done is watched. I’ve watched the numbers climb. I’ve watched the folks contribute. I can see how you travel the site, to some extent. Don’t worry, I don’t know who you are and don’t care. If you ID yourself, I don’t much care. I don’t share that data with anyone. (I still need to write a privacy policy page – I’m open to help.)

What I have seen is the numbers increase fairly steadily.

Also, the stats that WordPress reports are horrible, horrible lies. I have the raw server logs. WordPress LIES to me!

I serve about 1,000 pages per day. Of course, some of those are just bots scanning and checking things out, indexing, or trying to find damned exploits. (I see you knocking, you know… I opened the site to Goats, don’t think for a minute that I didn’t secure it first. Well, as much as one can secure WordPress.)

Nearly 400 of you (unique visitors and excluding bots) visit. I imagine some of those are IP address changes but I believe there’s other metrics involved to determine who’s unique – I’m not actually sure. So, toss out 1/3 of ’em and that’s still a bunch of people who read the articles.

Shit, someone even came from a search engine. Just one, mind you. I should probably use the robots.txt and block search engines or go the other route and optimize the site for regular people to visit. (I’m not sure if that means I’d have to fix my fucking language and stop saying fuck so often? Fuck it…)

Anyhow, this makes me happy. It’s an honor to serve you. It’s an honor to write things that you enjoy and take as something quasi-authoritative.

I’d love some help. Want to edit? Want to write? Let me know… I’d love to have the help and the site would love the content. Either way, I’m impressed. I’m impressed that y’all are still reading this.

I try to give you frequent content, but my time is limited. So, I’ll do what I can and I’ll keep it up as long as I can.

Side note: I may throw some ads up and use that money to buy a new guitar and give it away to some lucky winner. I’m not entirely sure what that’d look like, but it’s an idea that’s been stuck in my craw for a little while. I’d just give one away, but it seems better if the site actually earns it.

So, feedback and any help is welcome. Until next time…

Shut up and play us a song!


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And so it begins…

I suppose, I should probably make some testing posts and make sure that things are working properly. I’ve quite a few things installed and this looks like I’ll be mostly happy with this server.

I hope I needn’t remind folks that they’re to be on their best, most civil, behavior. This is meant to be a pretty helpful site and we can’t keep it running (we, ’cause I want you to be involved) if we’re not well behaved. The hosting company has standards and we don’t really meet them, but I’m hoping we can fake it well enough.

So, what goes here? Well, we’re going to learn about the guitar in an organized fashion. Ha! I lied…. There’s nothing organized about this.

I’ll get a forum installed in a little while, but this is about all I’m up for doing today. This isn’t going to be a high volume site, unless you pitch in and help make it a high volume site. So, what you get out of here is what you put into here. Otherwise, you just get what I put into here and I’m a pretty busy fella.

Thanks for your cooperation,

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