It’s true. Here’s the 19th guitarist better than Hendrix!

Heh… The 19th guitarist is being published on the 19th of the month! This means something!

Wait, no it doesn’t…

Well, it does mean that I’ve been at this for a while. In Internet Years, this site is now a grizzled old man. I publish these once per week and skipped just two weeks. That’s a long time, considering I expected to list just a few before I got bored.

I must say, it has been fun. You can read the list of featured guitarists (all of whom are better than Hendrix) by clicking this link. That link isn’t always updated as well as it should be but it’s pretty close and I try to get to that updating thing every week. Sometimes, I just don’t have the time.

Now, what is this list about? I’ve told you this before, but this could be the first time you’ve ever visited – so I’ll tell you again.

The unwashed mental midgets at Rolling Stone have made a number of lists. They’re not the only group of people who should have their fingers smashed with a ball-peen hammer and forbidden to type again. Lots of people make these lists. They’re just the ones I dislike the most, ’cause people consider them an authoritative source.

At the top of these lists, they put one Mr. Jimi Hendrix. That’s horrible. This mistake has permeated through society and now people think he was a great guitarist. They’re wrong. They’re horribly wrong.

The term greatest guitarist is a technical term. This should be measured objectively. The qualifications are ability to master the various techniques, understanding of music theory, versatility, innovation, ability to compose sound complex works, and consistency of quality – both in the studio and live.

It hasn’t got a damned thing to do with who we like best. It hasn’t got anything to do with who our favorite artists are. Those are subjective criteria and the term is “guitarist” and not “artist.” I’d have had no complaints (or at least far fewer) had they called him the greatest artist. But, when they call him the greatest guitarist, it’s personal and they’re doing many other actually great guitarists a disservice.

Many of the people on my list, and to be featured in the future, don’t get nearly the accolades they deserve. They’re overshadowed by the looming figure that is Hendrix when they are, by objective measurement, better than he was on his best day.

It’s not about who we like the best. It’s not about who we prefer to listen to. It’s not about who had the most hits. It’s not about popular sentiment. It’s about greatness defined as a technical skill and trying to be objective as humanly possible.

And, our next guitarist is just that. His worst day was more technically adept than Hendrix’s best day. And, like many on this list, you can change him around and place him higher or lower on the list. One thing that I don’t think is deniable is that he was a far more adept guitarist than Hendrix was.
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That’s right, it’s time for the 18th guitarist better than Hendrix.

Some people put Jimi Hendrix at the top of their lists of great guitarists. They’re wrong. They’re not just wrong, they’re very wrong. In fact, I’ve told you how wrong they were 17 times already.

Reputable (for some definition of the word) magazines such as Rolling Stone have put him in first place, more than once. They’re not just wrong, they’re the wrongest wronger to ever wrong! I usually refer to them as a variety of names and herd animals, but I’m pretty satisfied with that one!

They do you, me, and all other guitarists a disservice when they weigh intangible traits and assign greatness based on stupid metrics like popularity, or how much they like their music.

Jimi was a great artist. He was a fantastic performer. He was creative. He was inspiring. He was able to write songs that were both meaningful and enjoyable to listen to. But, he was not a great guitarist.

You want a great guitarist? Pick any second year flamenco student. Pick any classical guitarist of note. Pick any modern neo-classical metal guitarist that actually knows what they’re doing instead of relying on speed. Find one that understands music theory. Find one that innovates. Find one that establishes a genre. Find one that starts a whole school of music.

Those types of people have been on my list – and this trend is going to continue. Why? Because there’s a whole bunch of guitarists who were more technically adept at playing the guitar than Hendrix ever was. Hendrix couldn’t even play the same song twice. Go ahead, go listen to his live stuff.

Feel free to like his music. Many of the guitarists on my list aren’t actually people that I seek out and listen to. I do seek them out, but that’s to learn and to try to understand the complexity and process of creation. The people on my list are masters of their instruments while Hendrix was mostly just a layman with a limited repertoire, poor technique, sloppy playing, and full of inconsistencies.

That’s just reality. That’s why Jimi wasn’t a great guitarist.

On the other hand, our next guitarist is consistent, has mastered the discipline, has authored masterpieces, has forwarded the art, and has demonstrated a very, very thorough knowledge of music theory. And, sadly, they’re pretty much unknown…
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And now it’s time for the 17th guitarist better than Hendrix!

It’s worth noting that I think last week’s tirade was pretty popular and that nobody decided to argue that a list such as this shouldn’t exist. It was the most popular of all these entries last month – and damned near tied the record for the most popular entry on the site.

It’s seldom a good idea to argue with the person who has the microphone!

It also means that I’ll save some time! I won’t need to reexplain the purpose of this list with such detail. That’s good, because I’ve explained it plenty of times already. In fact, here’s a whole list of other guitarists who are better than Hendrix – and why they’re better than him.

So, I’ll give you the short version!

A group of hyenas decided to call themselves journalists and got a job with Rolling Stone Magazine. They then decided to crown Jimi Hendrix as the greatest guitarist of all time. They obviously haven’t any idea what they’re talking about and this list is an ongoing effort to correct that horrible mistake they made.

Why? Because it’s personal. I’m a guitarist. That is, I play guitar. I play guitar with greater technical ability, that is skill, than Hendrix did. I have a much more thorough knowledge of techniques and musical theory. I have greater accuracy, speed, timing, fluidity, and understanding.

That is, to me, what “guitarist” means. By failing to rate on these measures, they’re doing me a disservice. I’m a better guitarist than Hendrix because I’ve spent decades learning my craft. I can play anything he could play – and I can play it better than he could.

That’s not ego.

That’s a measurement of technical proficiency.

Hendrix was a brilliant artist. He was a not-terrible composer. He was a brilliant performer. He gave the world interesting thoughts and made very good music. He was a much better composer than I’ll ever be. He was a better artist than I’ll ever be.

But, his guitar playing isn’t technically difficult – or even all that innovative. His use of feedback, distortion, and the blues scale wasn’t even new back then. His songs sound much the same because he was a pretty limited guitarist – and that’s fine.

I love Hendrix’s work. I can jam on his stuff for hours. Fans love to hear me play his work. He was a great artist in his time, and he made the world of music a better place.

However, that’s got fuck all to do with my list! The term “guitarist” should be about those qualities I mentioned above and not about if you like ’em or not. A fair number of the artists on this list are not people I seek out to fill my music needs. My liking them has nothing to do with it.

The term “Best Guitarist” should be something objective. Subjectively, Hendrix was a brilliant artist, great performer, and inspiring. Those are irrelevant, ethereal concepts. They can’t be quantified and measured. And, really, what else is music but a bunch of measurements? Music is math expressed by way of audio.

So, we’ve got a bunch of people who think that Hendrix was the best and that’s unfortunate. My goal is to fix the generation of people who’ve had their views polluted by the sophomoric window-lickers that post inept screeds at that dirty rotten magazine known as Rolling Stone!

(Seriously, I don’t think I’ll ever tire of coming up with ways to make fun of RSM. It’s pretty much my favorite part of writing these intros and is what makes it all worthwhile!)

Man, those inbred heathens at RSM would have to be blind to rate Hendrix as the greatest guitarist.

Oh, wait…
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It’s time for the 16th guitarist better than Hendrix!

Last week, my post attracted a number of comments that asserted that there was no such thing as a ‘better’ guitarist. This week, I’m going to show them why it’s not a good idea to argue with the guy who has a microphone.

They’re wrong.

Let’s say Hank the 30 year old drunk guy picks up a guitar, having never played one before, and beats on it. Let’s say that Linda has played guitar for two decades by the time she hits that same age of 30.

Linda is a better guitarist than Hank.

No, I don’t care that you preferred Hank’s passionate wailing on the guitar. No, I don’t care that you think it’s about art and expression of lofty ideals. No, words like “soul” have absolutely zero meaning and don’t belong in a list of criteria for determining the best.

This list isn’t about who’s the best artist. The list isn’t about who is popular or who appeals to you (or me) more. This list is about those who have mastered their instruments. You know, guitarists…

If I’d wanted it to be completely subjective, I’d have called it something like ‘best artists.’ I didn’t. I didn’t call it that for a reason. The reason is, it’s impossible to be objective. This list is as objective as I can make it and, frankly, I’m pretty damned qualified to author this list.

This list has guitarists on it that I absolutely don’t really seek out and listen to. As a general rule, I don’t listen to Malmsteen. As a person, I don’t even like him. I don’t even necessarily care for quite a bit of what he releases. However, he’s an absolute master of the guitar and plays that guitar with greater ability than Hendrix ever did.

So, let’s talk about Rolling Stone Magazine. They made a list (more than once) and called it things like “best guitarist.” I’d have not had a single problem with it had they called it “best artist.” When you call Hendrix the best guitarist, you’re doing me a disservice.

I am a guitarist. You know, like a pianist – except my instrument is much easier to carry on my back. I don’t say I’m an artist. I say I’m a guitarist. I’m skilled in the art of playing a guitar – but that’s a technical skill. I understand the theory and why the music works the way it does. I can express this understanding by demonstrating it. I have mastered the techniques and continue to master them. (Mastery is not a static place, but a process.)

Jimi was a great artist – one of the best. His performances, messages, persona, appeal, and passion are undeniable. However, his technical abilities with his chosen instrument were sorely lacking. That’s why, for you laymen, so much of his music sounds the same. He knew a half dozen chords and three scales.

If you don’t understand this, feel free to argue. You’re not just wrong, I’ve told you that you’re wrong fifteen times already. You can continue to be wrong. I don’t mind and I’m sure your peers are accustomed to it!

If you don’t understand, maybe you should consider writing for that collection of sophomoric, window-licking, keyboard-chewing, herd of emotionally stunted morons at Rolling Stone. They’d be happy to have you!

I’m happy to have you, as well. Why? Because I can call you wrong – all day long! I love calling people wrong. I usually even capitalize it. You’re WRONG!

This list is about those who’ve mastered the techniques, mastered music theory, learned to combine multiple disciplines, and innovated. It’s not about who you want to dance to. It’s not even about who you like. It’s about the term “guitarist” and what that term really means.

It is personal and I’m taking that word back! If you want to see a good list, skip the first few (because even guitarists are subject to cults of personality) and check out the list at Guitar World. They did a reader’s poll and, unsurprisingly the list has some great guitarists on it. They also did a 30 great guitarists list, that’s also not too terrible.

It’s almost as if maybe you’ll get better answers by asking people who are adept at their instruments? Again, they’re all subject to cults of personality and popularity ends up being the ruler of the day, but they’re much closer to being objective than the dirty bastards at RSMI!

Granted, it’s not easy to explain this unless you too are a guitarist or really into music. However, I’ve made every effort to put this into words and the folks who were actually complaining hadn’t even read the articles. In fact, one of them outright refused to read the article – but thought they had a valid opinion on the subject.

They’re just wrong! 😉

Hell, I don’t even much care for the next guitarist on the list. I don’t dislike them, but I’m a bit apathetic about them. They’re here because they zoom up the ladder when you take their innovation and versatility into account.

Let’s introduce ’em, shall we?
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Yes, there are at least 15 guitarists better than Hendrix! The list continues…

Yes, my dear, reader – this list goes on. It is the list that never ends! Well, I presume it’ll end someday – but that day has not yet arrived. I drop these once a week, on Thursday, and submit myself to your judgment!

Actually, I berate folks and call them fools because they keep claiming that Hendrix was the best guitarists to ever play the damned guitar. They’re wrong! They’re not just wrong, they’re horribly wrong!

For the rest of the folks who’ve been put on my list (more prestigious than an entry into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame), you can click this link.

This list is because people (like the pack of Fentanyl-snorting, cat-hating, inept keyboard warriors at Rolling Stone Magazine) keep calling him a great guitarist – even calling him the best guitarist. They made a list of 100 guitarists and fucked it all up. This is why I insult them. They’re not a music magazine, they’re a hoard of musically illiterate gibberlings that conned their way into a job!

Note: I might get tired of writing these intros – but I’ll never get tired of finding new and creative ways to insult RSM. I could do just that – for hours.

Alright, enough of this silliness. Let’s talk about yet another guitarist who’s pretty damned excellent. Continue reading “Yes, there are at least 15 guitarists better than Hendrix! The list continues…”

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It’s time for the 14th guitarist better than Hendrix!

“What are you doing TheBuddha?” You might ask.

“Writing an intro.” I’d answer.

“For what?” You might inquire.

“My bitchin’ list of guitarists better than Hendrix.” I’d probably answer.

“Hendrix was the greatest guitarist ever!” You’d say, while being the most wrong one could ever possibly be.

“Bitch, please! I’ve shown you THIRTEEN DAMNED TIMES ALREADY!” Is pretty much exactly how I’d reply.

I have seen a few opinions and a few comments that make me think people aren’t actually paying attention. I’m gonna say it one more time!

Hendrix was a fine guitarist, an excellent musician, a great composer, and a stunningly brilliant performance artist. If we also consider the era, he was a wonderful gift to music.

That said, he was only a “fine” or “good” guitarist. Rating heavily weighted for a subset of guitarists who are performing or recording artists who are strictly professionals. In other words, Hendrix played better than you – probably. Hendrix did not play better than our next musician.

This is a list based on technical prowess, above all other things. Also taken into considerations are things like difficulty in replication, innovation, understanding of music theory (even if unschooled specifically in such), and things like that.

If you’re offended, you’re just offended because you’re fucking wrong.

Seriously, I’ve shown 13 guitarists who are, by those metrics, better than Hendrix was – even on his best day. I’ve shown guitarists who are better than him – even on their worst day.

Some of it is subjective. However, I’m qualified to hold an opinion. In fact, I’d say I’m eminently qualified to opine. Frankly, that’s me calling myself a damned expert on the subject. As such, the other people (like the worst pack of savages to ever pound a keyboard over at Rolling Stone Magazine) are just plain wrong.

When they put Hendrix as “the greatest guitarist” on a list, they do me a big injustice. It’s fucking personal! Alright! Seriously, it’s an injustice. I don’t want you to think I’m an egomaniac, but I’m pretty fucking positive that I play guitar better than Hendrix. I’ll prove it, too.

So isn’t this next guy. In fact, he’s got some connections to a number of other people on the list.

As a matter of those metrics, the ones that are important for “guitarist,” these people are all better than Hendrix. If they’d just called that list, “Greatest Rock Artist,” I’d never have a word to say.

Well, that’s not true. I’d argue that went to Jim Morrison, but I’d be willing to accept it’s entirely too subjective. This, on the other hand, is much less subjective.

This is about people who have put raw amounts of skill into the industry. This is about people who have formed entire genres. This list is about the true power players of guitar and masters of their instrument.

You’re still encouraged to like Hendrix. I do. I love to riff off his stuff. I can play Hendrix for hours. However, I’m pretty positive that I can play Hendrix better than Hendrix played Hendrix.

Also, listen to this while you read – I think you will understand. I have a lot of faith in you, my dear readers! I have lots of faith in you! You’re obviously smart, or you’d not keep coming back! So, give this a listen and read the next entry on our list.

Without further ado, here’s the next guitarist better than Hendrix! 😉
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The 13th guitarist better than Hendrix!

It seems we’ve come far enough to hit the thirteenth entry on the list. Huh… I’m actually a little surprised by this.

Anyhow, if you don’t know what I’m doing then I’ll sum it up by saying that I’m righting a serious wrong. Pundits and magazines (such as the heathens at Rolling Stone Magazine) have been putting Jimi Hendrix at the top of the list and calling him the greatest guitarist to ever play the instrument.

Well, that’s bullshit. It’s not just bullshit, I can show you why it’s bullshit. In fact, I’ve shown you why it’s bullshit twelve times already! At this point, I’ve already proven my point. Yet, I like writing these and y’all seem to enjoy reading them. So, we’ll keep going until one of us gets tired of it.

If you want to see the complete list, click this magical blue text and it’ll take you to a page where you can see all the previous entries. I sometimes forget to update that page, but I just did.

I’d like to say that nobody should be surprised by my next entry to the list… But, that’d be terribly misleading and it seems some folks would be surprised. (I bet you can’t guess who’d be surprised by this one?!?)
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The 12th Guitarist Better than Hendrix!

I’m a bit surprised the series has gone on this long. For me, things like this are temporary. They’re not something I usually set out to continue with great dedication. If you ask my *favorite* guitarists, those will change every day. Fortunately, this is about guitarists better than Hendrix.

If you don’t know what I’m doing, or want to see the complete list, click here.

Either way, I skipped two weeks (that I recall), and that means I’ve actually been at this for more than three months. Like I said, I’m surprised I’ve kept it going this long.on. But, this series has been fun to work on – so it continues.

I actually like the next guitarist on the list more than it may appear. I’d liked to have put him higher on the list, but that seemed really difficult to do and still justify my claim of attempting to be objective.

But, you really can play mix-and-match with this list. You can swap one out from one spot and put them in another spot. They’re all better than Hendrix and, after the top ten, they’re really hard to quantify.

And, our next guitarist is no different. Man, he made some shitty music. He made some great music – but much of it was just horrible. Horrible!

He’s one of those guitarists that many seem to either hate or love. Not many people are indifferent. I’m on the love side. I think he was awesome!

So, who is he?
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It’s time for the 11th guitarist better than Hendrix!

I write these intros because they help me keep the front page clean. If I didn’t, then the front page would be about three miles long. My verbosity should be well known by you folks.

Y’all know what I’m doing, but I’m gonna type it out again. Why? If I don’t, then I won’t have a good spot to put in the “read more” tag and the front page would include the whole damned article. Trust me, it doesn’t look good.

People have claimed Jimi Hendrix was the greatest guitarist of all times. Those people are a pack of morons. They include such illustrious publications as the idiots at Rolling Stone Magazine and even Time Magazine. There are more, but I’m mainly pissed at Rolling Stone Magazine.

Don’t get me wrong, Jimi was a fine artist. Yeah, he played a guitar. No, he didn’t play it very well – at least not when compared to the best damned list of guitarists on the Internet. Seriously, if you don’t believe me then just click that link right there and learn. There are many, many guitarists who were better than Hendrix and some of them were even more influential.

Today’s guitarist isn’t all that well known but was fantastic and has a great story. Kids today probably have no idea who he was and it doesn’t help that he mostly played goat ropin’ music. He was also a singer, songwriter, television host, and even an actor. Well, Wikipedia tells me he was an actor but I can’t say that I recall ever seeing him in a movie. I guess he was in True Grit but I don’t actually even remember what that movie was about.

So, it’s on to our next artist who played guitar in his sleep better than Hendrix played while awake.

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The 10th Guitarist Better than Hendrix

By now, you should be well aware of what I’m doing. If you’re not, then maybe this link will help you out. That’s the complete list, so far, of guitarists who are better than Hendrix.

The short version is that Hendrix receives many accolades and much praise that, frankly, he doesn’t deserve. It is my believe that “best guitarist” should be based on technical prowess, above all else.

The best guitarist isn’t about who liked who and what was popular. It’s not even about who had more influence. It’s about the technical mastery of their instrument, knowledge of music theory, ability to compose, and consistency in quality.

In fact, there are guitarists on this list that I really don’t prefer to listen to. However, they are on this list because they’re fantastic. They have mastered their instrument and bent the sound to their will. They have understood the instrument better than the rest. They have used the instrument to create works that are legendary.

Our next artist is no different.

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