It’s a snow day!

The band should be working today, but the customer has postponed their event and it is now a snow day. I figured I’d write something, but I’m still not even remotely sure what to write about.

I’ve decided to day-drink, but the alcohol is going down pretty slowly. 

My magical smoking stick of inspiration isn’t helping me come up with any ideas.

I do have an article written, but it’s not very good. I still have a @crazy_eyes story, but I’m not in the mood to edit that up. It didn’t look like it’d need much work, but I’m still not in the mood.

I’m a wee bit feeling sorry for myself today. That’s because the two young ladies are out snowmobiling and I’d normally have been out there with them. The missus drives a Subaru and she’s gone out to do old people stuff. She even took the dog.

Normally, I’d be pretty happy to have the alone time but today I’d rather be doing something better than sitting here and day drinking. It’s a good day to pick out some old country tunes.

Yet, here we are!

So, let’s move on.

Moving on is hard to do. I really can’t think of a damned thing to write. That’s a problem, ’cause I’ve made it this far. This ride doesn’t have a reverse!

Boy are you in for a letdown, when you find out that I’m not kidding!

I guess I can write that the missus is happy. She’s finally getting fired.

We will have two new folks who will be working ostensibly as roadies, but will be tasked with more than that. That means we’ll have a warm body to sell merch.

That means we won’t need the missus and I can fire her as soon as we have these two new people. I have not met either of these two new people. It won’t be too difficult to train them up, as needed.

They’re people that the drummer knows, I’m pretty sure. That’s how it was explained to me. He’s the one that has to work with them the most. He can make that decision.

The band can afford it. That is good. They universally want the extra help, so there was no question about our doing so. I think it’s a good step for them to take, given that they’re being tossed into the meat grinder.

This will help them keep their energy up, save them significant time, and maybe gets the job done better than might have been done by people who have multiple tasks assigned to them. There’s even some potential safety benefit, doubly so if we’re bringing our own stage into the mix. So, it’s a good choice.

This week’s performance is postponed until next Sunday, by the way.

Things will get a bit easier for the band as things progress. They’ll be able to be a bit more selective about what they take for jobs. This particular niche has growth potential and we are well prepared to do so. We can fill a rather large area with sound.

Anyhow, back to the subject at hand.

The missus is pretty pleased about being fired. She says she might still come watch certain shows, but I’m skeptical! She doesn’t even want to come keep an eye on me to make sure I behave myself! I know this, ’cause I asked!

It was also only originally for a year. We approach that mark rapidly. She was never really pleased with this decision. Her year is pretty much up. We appreciate her service.

We’re going to have a going-away/happy-firing party for her, I’m pretty sure. We’ll have to have it here. I’ll order a cake. This will please her.

She is not really a people person, which is odd because one thinks of circus bears as being outgoing. Maybe old bears hibernate longer?

Ah well… I’m just glad she stuck with it as long as she did. I’m glad she won’t have to come to the shows unless she wants to. I suspect she’ll be pretty selective about which shows she attends. I can’t say that I blame her.

So… Umm… That’s all the news I can really think of. The two new people are supposed to start in like two weeks, something like that. They work regular jobs that allow them the time to do so. We don’t pay ’em that well. We do take care of ’em pretty well, however. You’d know that, if I’d published my other article, which I have not.

I’d set out to write something good enough to share with multiple sites and then submit this to multiple sites. As you can see, it’s not that good. I did warn you that you’d be letdown. I wasn’t even kidding! I don’t know what to write about today, but I wanted to write something.

In my defense, it is a snow day! Until next time…

Shut up and play us a song!

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