Don’t let the ride stop.

So, I really don’t feel like writing. I’m gonna, ’cause I need to do it.

I’m also fucking retarded. I am still opiate free. It’s horrible. Thank you, Imodium AD and allergy pills!

This sucks balls.

But, I’m gonna write. It’s not going to be good. I am not even gonna proofread this. i will not be sharing it on the sites, though someone else can. I don’t care.

This should properly be filed under lessons for performing musicians.

What I did is I looked at a file I keep – called “ArticleIdeas.txt.”

None of the ideas looked appealing. So, I picked this one ’cause it was potentially short.

Never Let the Ride Stop

What do I mean by that? Never every quite let them stop clapping and cheering. While they’re still making noise, timing this is easy, you start again.

In other words, when the cheering starts to die down, play. Don’t even really let it die down again.

Why? It keeps the emotional high going.

Like all rules, this one is not set in stone. Sometimes, you may wish to let them completely stop so that you can build suspense or tension. Sometimes, you may even time stuff just so they’ll go buy drinks. It really depends on your goals.

But, as a general rule, keep the emotional ride rolling. In fact, make them realize that the ride doesn’t stop but, if they wave you’ll wave back! Keep them emoting, in other words. If the song made people cry, don’t let the tears dry up before you make that same person dance again.

The reasons are obvious and I’m not going to write out another 1,800 words beating a dead horse or finding ways to elaborate.

[redacted a very mean paragraph]

Yeah, I’m not going to close this that way. If you’re here, you should understand the value in this. I shouldn’t have to explain it. So, I’m not going to. Until next time…

Shut up and play us a song!

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