Guitarists Better than Hendrix #28½!

So… I was thinking…

I was thinking that I’d write a guitarist better than Hendrix for today and that it was going to suck, because I’m really not all that happy about sitting in one place for long.

For those that don’t know, as I’ve not been submitting the articles, Ol’ Buddha is doing poorly, health-wise. The creatures known as the General Public are diseased and have inflicted me with a mystery ailment. I have still been writing some. You can just register, you know. It’ll email you and tell you that someone published an article. That’s all it does. I don’t spam anyone. I don’t sell your address. I sure as shit don’t need your real name.


I am not dead. I am not going to die from this, probably. In just a couple of hours, I’ll be going to get some tests done. They’re pretty confident that it’s mono – except there’s no way I should have mono. I also don’t have a rash. Dunno… I’m not that kinda doctor.

They tell me that my spleen is swollen. No clue. Everything hurts. I don’t see anything swollen, but it’s not like I can examine my own spleen. My anatomy doesn’t really work like that and I’m not actually sure I even have a spleen. It’s been sixty years and my spleen has never notified me of its presence. So, my spleen might actually be a myth.

I’m fine… I’m just tired, sore, obligated to stuff, and going to be uncomfortable for a while. My protestations notwithstanding, I’m told it won’t kill me. I’m pretty sure my throat is full of gasoline and I’m positive that even my hair hurts.

Fortunately, they’ve given me drugs! WOOHOO!!! I’m even going to go get more drugs! Yup… Getting high and not even breakin’ the law! You’ll never take me alive, copper!


My thinking was happily interrupted by someone responding to last week’s thread about the guitarist greater than Hendrix. Not only did they respond, they did so very well! They even did so in a brilliantly timely manner!

I was like, “Umm… Can I have that?” They were gracious enough to say yes and I’m very, very grateful.

So, it’s because of @Whitemail that you’re getting what I think is a wonderful addition to the site today. It’s because of their time and effort that you’re getting this and I’m really, really grateful for their contribution.

If anyone else would like to step up and write some stuff, I’m more than happy to try to figure out how to get it into the schedule. I’m still writing every day, but I’m not submitting it.

Why am I not submitting it? Because, when I submit stuff – I feel an obligation to be there to answer in a reasonable amount of time for a reasonable amount of time. Because of my discomfort, I’m not really willing to obligate myself to answering any questions or comments.

I will submit this one, ’cause it’s Thursday and someone else wrote it! I can say, “Ask him! I didn’t write it. @Whitemail did!” But, I have some time and I have some opiates!

I do want to thank everyone for the well-wishing. That’s very appreciated. I even appreciate the dude that told me he hoped I was dead! (I’m gonna guess someone’ll tell me something similar today. They’re gonna miss me when I’m gone! Damned right.)

Anyhow, that’s about all you’re getting for an intro. On to what they wrote!

More on Krieger as Authored by @Whitemail

Recently I wanted to do a Robby Krieger appreciation article or video or something. If you wanted to compare him to someone like Eric Clapton, I think there’s no competition there like comparing a franchise quarterback to the all time greats: Joe Montana, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, etc. While at the same time the franchise quarterback is much better off than the struggling to keep a starter position guy who is a rookie or used up veteran.

I once read an article about Robby Krieger’s LMF solo, and I found myself agreeing with the author’s assessment. He pointed out how he keeps making weak phrases while repeating them to push their legitimacy. It seems after Ray killed it on the organ with a steady pumping of notes and a big picture view, slowly raising and lowering the listeners like a tide, Robby had to take a different approach. He seems to have gone for esoteric sounding phrases. I’m not sure if the plan was bad or if it was merely his execution of it. [I love this one moment in there](, but over all his solo was a flop.

After pointing this out, though, we have to appreciate the fact that the only reason the song exists is because Robby Krieger wrote it. This propelled him to a career with the doors where he pumped out about half the lyrical material including many of the Doors’s hits There are also some guitar performances of his I found to be outstanding where he really takes the song somewhere special with his contribution. I’m not going to spend as much time on this as I like, but here are some of my favorite Robby Krieger performances:

1. You’re Lost Little Girl.

Even his solo is simple and sweet in this one (after the 1:40 mark).

2. Love Me Two Times.

 If you haven’t noticed, almost all of the Doors’s songs start with a sort of slow introduction to the instruments and voice. This song starts off with one of Robby’s riffs that really just makes the song. If I remember correctly, he’s the initial and primary lyric writer for this one as well. Generally, the more straightforward and less poetic lyrics are by Robby.

3. People Are Strange’s [guitar solo].

Open the link in a new tab to get the 54s starting time. Robby nails it with his bluesy rock style here.

4. The River Knows’s [guitar solo].

New tab for the time of 1:25. Good guitar soloing involves an acknowledgement of the big picture like you’re trying to convey a story to the listener. You have to build a setting and give people a reason to listen at first. Then you build up drama and tension. Then you end with a resolution or you can bring about a resolution and then have that sort of wrap things up and tie up loose ends section to close things off. That’s what Robby does here, takes you for a ride and leaves you with a wonderful feeling when it’s done.

5. Touch Me.

With the advent of their fourth album, the Doors are getting horny. I mean they have an album surprisingly laced with horns to complement their usual 4 instrument approach. This pun is getting corny, but this is one of the songs that’s horny. It’s just another example of Robby Krieger cranking out the hits with his pop sensibilities, whether intentional or not.

6. Runnin’ Blue.

Here Robby cranks out some blues with attitude holding his own with some of the best blues players. The rest of the band holds back and let’s you hear Robby bring it as a sort of refrain that brings you back to the beginning of the verse after its first occurrence. It’s not an extensive amount of playing, but the impact and effect is what’s significant.

7. Wishful Sinful.

I am mainly including this one for his contribution to the verse of the song. While Jim Morrison sings, Robby takes a sort of complimentary background role that also pushes itself into the foreground at just the right moments. He avoids being dull, boring background mush while also avoiding being intrusive and annoying while Jim lays down the verses.

8. Peace Frog.

Here’s a song built around Robby’s simple, effective riff. They let you get a good taste of it, before the others join in. I heard it had a monumental influence, and here he talks about the creation of the song.

9. Land Ho!

They do it again. Another song built around one of Robby’s riff with Robby double tracking it with some lead guitar accentuations.

10. The Spy.

Getting tired now, so I’m rushing things. I almost skipped this one. Robby really makes this song into something with his guitar intro. Again it’s another time when they emphasize the main instrument by leaving it accompanied by nothing but two piano notes.

11. Maggie McGill.

Robby does it again bringing some more bluesy playing with attitude.

12. Love Her Madly.

Robby cranks out another hit that is complemented by some outstanding playing by Ray.

13. Variety is the Spice of Life.

I didn’t realize until now that this was Robby singing instead of Ray and with the piano intro, I assumed this was Ray’s song. So yes, the Doors did actually try to carry on without Jim Morrison with Ray and Robby sharing vocal duties. It didn’t generate much popular interest, so they decided to pack it up and move on after two releases. If you get over the fact that Jim is gone and just take these albums for what they are, you can appreciate them. It’s still 3 great musicians working together after having been bonded together for a good many years.

14. Ships w/Sails.

Perhaps I’m only including this one, because I like the song. However, there is a lovely guitar intro based on the main melodic theme of the song, and Robby is listed first with John as the writer of the song.

15. Good Rockin’.

This song was written by some black guy and covered by Elvis later (not known as one of his best works). I checked out these other versions, but I still love this one best. I know that being the first version I heard isn’t perfectly fair, but sometimes I do like versions of songs I’ve heard second better than the one I heard first. I would say the Doors made the definitive version of this song. I love Robby’s guitar accents squeezed in there with the bass and keys pulling the weight.

This was a bit rushed and now it’s time for dinner. I also have become sort of numb to the played out hits and the author of the article covered L.A. Woman.

If that’s rushed, I’d love to see something they took their time on! In fact, they’re very much welcome to write for this site! Ol’ Buddha’s gonna take some time off, if that’s what they’re gonna write!

Shit, that’s better than I do – and they didn’t even meander off on wild tangents! I’m very, very grateful for their permission to post this and they’ve saved me many (three to five, on average, for this particular series) hours of discomfort.

Remember, keep yourselves healthy. Had I been less healthy when this hit, I’d be in pretty poor shape right now. I still have work to do. I still have contractual obligations. I still have obligations to my bandmates. The adage is true, “The show must go on!”

If you want, there’s links at the bottom of the page for stuff that has been written but not submitted. If you’re interested in giving me a day off, or at least an easier day, go ahead and write something. I’ll edit it (if it’s appropriate) and get it published. Hell, you can sign up, write it yourself, and set it to pending – and I’ll just read it and click the magic publish/schedule button! I ain’t scared.

So, I’m off to the lab and to the doctor’s office soon. And, again, ‘snot gonna kill me – it’s just gonna suck. I also still don’t have my promised rash. If I have a rash, it’s hiding! Until next time…

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