TheBuddha Approves of Taking a Day Off!

I’m fucking exhausted, not feeling terribly well, and can’t sleep.

I’m pretty sure someone has infected me with the cancer. I’m seldom sick, so it must be cancer!

As such, I’m taking the day off. I’m actually around and not sleeping. I’m just tucked into the couch. I could take the laptop, but I’m just gonna use the tablet.

I don’t like anyone enough to write an article on a tablet. I don’t even like me that much! I don’t have a ‘Holy Shit’ article. I should write one. I had one, but holy shit happens.

Last night was good. I’m fucking exhausted. Everyone else was, too. I’ve pretty much been mostly awake by myself. Everyone here has meandered off to do quiet things or nap.

I wrote you a ‘View from the Stage.’ I did it while I was waiting. It was horrible and I’m not gonna be able to salvage it. So, I’m not gonna do any more.

If you’ve been diligently practicing – don’t forget to sometimes allow yourself a day off – and sometimes even force yourself to do so. Until next time…

(If you’re going to play us a song, do it quietly. Thanks!)

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