28. 28th guitarists better than Hendrix!

Last week, I sorta had a brief vacation – where Thursday was filled with news about Betts and I didn’t even have to write a real article. That was nice.

Yesterday, Nadeshda did it for me! Sweet!

By now, you know the drill. Each week, I name a guitarist better than Hendrix. Why? Blame Rolling Stone magazine. It’s their fault.

“Best Guitarist” should be a quantifiable term, as much as is possible. It should be objective, as much as is possible. Thus, it is a technical qualification and words such as “like” simply don’t belong as a metric.

And, again, I don’t dislike Hendrix. My liking him has nothing to do with the list. He just wasn’t a very good technical guitarist – as I’ve shown ya 28 times already! Sheesh…

This week, I’ve done things just a little bit different.

I didn’t initially want to include this guitarist on this list. I like them – and I’m worried that it may cloud my judgement. But, I think I can justify their inclusion.

Do keep in mind that this list has been (at least mentally) compiled over many years. This means that, for many years, I’ve been saying something like, “No, this one doesn’t really belong on the list.”

I not only think I was wrong, I think I was wrong – for years. Wanna see?
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