TheBuddha Approves #4: The Concise History of the Classical Guitar


I have fuck-all for time today. I am not complaining. I have had a lovely morning that involved a fairly long ride on the motorcycle and the wonderful company of the eldest hoodlum.

Today is her day, ’cause it marks the date of her birth. As such, she not only wanted to go out for brunch, she wanted attention. The bike is pretty fancy and gets quite a bit of attention and commentary from people who know anything about bikes and she really likes to ride.

Don’t worry! I go reasonably slow, make her wear all the protective gear – including chaps, and keep both tires planted reasonably firmly on the pavement! There are twisty mountain roads, so we maybe go a little fast – but I keep it well under the triple digit marker. I can risk my life, but I can not recklessly risk her life.

I’d hoped to get her to write today’s article. I’d hoped that she’d write an article entitled, “Why I want to play guitar.” She pointed out that today is her birthday and told me that she’d be doing nothing of the sort. There went that idea.

I had nothing prepared for today. I have limited time this afternoon. I tried bribing her to get her to write the article. She was having none of it. I even tried asking the missus. She was not even a little helpful. I even tried asking the dog. He seemed willing, but he doesn’t really have fingers – or play any instruments.

I’m sure you can see why this is a problem. It’s hard to find good help these days!

Fortunately, we have a solution! That’s what the whole “TheBuddha Approved” is meant to take care of! Without further ado…

The Concise History of the Classical Guitar.

This is a wonderful piece about the history of the classical guitar. It was authored by TOLGAHAN ÇOĞULU and yes, I had to copy/paste that. Also, no… No, I have no idea how to pronounce that, but it’s well written!

You can download the work or read it online. It’s not very long, just a mere 45 pages assuming you skip the references section. I read this last week sometime and tossed it into my bookmarks, though I’d expected to unpack it and turn it into a longer article. That’s not going to happen, but I’ll try to answer any questions that people have regarding the paper.

It’s a bit of a scholarly work – but don’t let academia frighten you off. Even if you’re not interested in the research angle, this is still a wonderfully informative reference work and rather information dense.

Click here to read The Concise History of the Classical Guitar.

It’s a lovely afternoon read, or something you can squirrel away and promise yourself that you’ll read later. It’s not a page burner and it’s packed with dates and names – but it’s absolutely something I approve of. I found it informative and, as near as I can tell, it’s factually correct. They were careful to provide references and citations.

I want to say that it took about 20 minutes to read the whole thing – minus the references section, ’cause nobody reads those. If you’re interested in some history, this is an excellent reference. Until next time…

Shut up and play us a song!

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