So you want to learn how to sing?

Today is pretty much the best day ever.


Well, I woke up and did my normal things (including an obscene number of hours dedicated to practice) and then rooted around to see what I’d write for the site today.

After some confusion, I discovered I didn’t have to do a damned thing today! WOOHOO!!!

That’s right, there was an article already here by the time I got to the computer.

We have a guest! (Put your damned pants on, we have a lady present!)

And, they’ve done my work for me!

I am not a vocalist. I will do vocal work. I don’t prefer it. I much prefer making bitchin’ solos. I’m not very good at it, unless you count artist mimicry as a specific skill.

So, once again, we have an expert guest!

She’s even a lady guest! Like I said, put your pants on! She’s a nice lady and deserves our attention and respect.

If you’d like to hear the voice of an angel, click this link to hear Justify – By Nadeshda. She doesn’t yet have an album that we can promote, but you can hear that sample track and imagine what she’s capable of doing in a real studio.

So, let’s all put our hands together and give a warm PlayGuitar reception to the Lovely Miss Nadeshda! Be sure to thank her for sharing her time and expertise with us and this will, ideally, become a fairly regular thing!

Without further ado, I introduce Nadeshda and her singing lesson!
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