TheBuddha Approves #2

Today is a pretty lazy day. I’m wide awake but didn’t actually sleep. As Warren Zevon said, I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

Though I’ve been lazy, I’ve actually been productive! Unfortunately, that productivity doesn’t result in much of an article for today. And that’s okay!

That’s okay, because I’m prepared! Yup…

Well, sort of prepared.

I’m not just prepared – I have something to show you! I also have a bunch of words – like, a lot of words.

While you’ve been fast asleep, I’ve been hard at work being lazy and decidedly not writing an article – so that I could actually write an article.

Confused? Me too!

Remember back when I asked someone to consider maybe making me a handy-dandy seal of approval? Remember when nobody helped me, so I went out and spent way too long making that image?

Well, there’s no way in hell that I can make that image and not use it. After all, I love stamping stuff! Only a fool would give me an ink pad and stamp.

If you remember, I also couldn’t figure out how to use it. Well, we’re in trouble! I have mastered the text-wrap-around-an-image-like-a-professional-site-thingy!

And, so… You are getting your second (I should call it the first – but I “approved” a few things when I first showed you my nifty image) officially “Approved by TheBuddha” article.

Note: These articles will (probably/mostly) come out when I have limited time. They’ll be things educational and/or entertaining. They’ll be things that I think you may be interested in.

So, let’s get on with the show!

Rick Beato Videos (all of them)!

No, I haven’t watched all of these – but I’ve seen enough to know that the dude is pretty passionate and seems provide interesting and factually correct information. So, I’m just going to link to a single one of his playlists.

Rick makes videos. Rick makes a lot of videos. Rich seems to really enjoy making videos and I’m glad they do. He has insights that are remarkable in that they’re pretty good, something I don’t see a lot of on YouTube.

He doesn’t just do insightful things, he also does educational things. He’ll tell you not just about guitars. He’ll tell you about music theory, composition, production, guitar history, and more. He will even tell you how to make a bitchin’ guitar solo – and why it’s a bitchin’ solo. I like Rick!

The list of things Rick will tell you about is pretty long. When I say that Rick likes to make videos, I mean it. Rick has made more videos than I have time to watch.

I’d expect Rick to make shitty videos, given how many videos he’s made. Indeed, some of Rick’s videos are pretty shitty.


The number of Rick’s shitty videos is very low. In fact, it’s exceptionally low when we take into consideration the sheer volume of videos that Rick has put out.

I’m not kidding.

Ol’ Rick makes a lot of videos! He’s got entire playlists about ear training, scales and modes, etc… Rick is pretty much a video making machine.

They’re also really well made videos. Well, much better than I could make. He often appears to be in a studio and surrounded by expensive equipment. He also actually appears to know how to use it all. Rick is surprisingly adept.

In other words, Rick seems to know his shit and be REALLY passionate about making videos. Rick is seriously passionate about making videos! Fortunately, he’s also good at making them. (Have I emphasized those two things enough? No! No, I have not!)

This first playlist is 82 videos long – all of them made by Rick. I’ve watched a number of ’em and they’re pretty good. If I did the math right, you should be able to finish watching all of Rick’s videos sometime before the heat death of the universe – but just barely.

This isn’t the only playlist, no… No, Ol’ Rick’s got lots of playlists. I ain’t even kidding, as you’ll see. The word “prolific” is not adequate. Rick uses videos like I use words. I’m pretty sure Rick keeps an entire hard drive factory at peak production levels.

And, like I said, they’re pretty good. I’d have thought that someone making this many videos must surely be making shitty videos, but not Rick. Nope… He’s a video making guru.

Here’s the first video playlist that I’d like to share with you:

That’s not even his longest playlist. Chances are, you’ll be seeing more playlists from Rick. However, you can just cheat and see Ol’ Rick’s list of playlists by clicking following this link.

I can’t stress enough that he’s very, very prolific. Through some mysterious time warping process not fully understood by science, he appears to actually create videos faster than I can watch them.

For every hour you spend watching, he’ll probably create two hours worth of new video. In a 24 hour day, he makes 48 hours worth of video. He’s also kept this pace up for quite some time. How? The world may never know.

Anyhow, he really knows his shit and is very, very good at explaining things – as well as making videos. They’re all very well produced (that I’ve seen). I do disagree with him on a few subjects, but they’re not actually shitty videos. We just have some different opinions about what is a great song and why a song is great.

Oh, did I mention he’ll actually tell you why a song is great? Unlike many of the people that do that on YouTube, he’s actually qualified to opine – and very good at it. He has produced albums for Shinedown and Submersed. He’s written books, songs that topped the charts, and produced award winning albums.

But, I mostly just approve of his videos on YouTube. I’m willing to put the coveted stamp of approval on his videos and recommend them – even the videos that I haven’t watched! (I’m pretty sure the videos that I haven’t watched are also good.)

Should I let ’em know they’ve earned the prestigious “TheBuddha Stamp of Approval?” Should I send ’em an email and try to interview him for the site? I ain’t scared! If you think I should, let me know! Watch some of his videos and decide if we should go bug ’em and see if they’ve got anything interesting to tell us!

But, Rick Beato (what a wonderful last name) is very, very passionate about music, seems to be a fine guitar player, knows his shit, and loves to make awesome videos.

Seriously, let me know if you think I should go bug ’em and see if they’re interested in responding and giving us some more information or an interview. I can ask ’em bizarre questions like I did with the very nice harp guitar expert, Gregg Miner. Maybe I can convince ’em to play a bitchin’ solo for us? I ain’t scared.

Anyhow, do please enjoy the videos. There’s a lot of them and I don’t actually expect you to watch them all by Monday and then write a report on the material. I do hope you’ll give a few of them a shot, because I think you’ll like them and I think they’re very good material.

This “Approved by TheBuddha” is going to be a regular thing. I don’t always have much time and this is (ideally) going to be one of those regular things that I can keep up with and won’t require much time. I have tons of favorites/bookmarks, lots of resources to share, and know quite a few people in the industry.

I’m willing to throw a bit of time into them, when I can. If y’all want me to contact these people to ask them bizarre questions while trying to con ’em into playing us a bitchin’ solo, I can probably also fit that into my schedule – though that won’t happen every time, ’cause these are for when I don’t have much time and that kind of preparation requires planning and time, which kinda defeats the purpose. (That’s not my best sentence. I’m leaving it in!)

Still, it shouldn’t be too hard to get people to respond to answer questions.

Some meta stuff/digression:

By the way, I absolutely encourage you (yes, I’m talking to you personally) to contact me and write something for us to read. I’ll do the editing for you, if you want. I’ll even write the damned intro. Of course, you can do all those things yourself – but I’ll happily do them for you. By now, you’ve seen how I deal with guest submissions/stories and know what to expect from me.

I’ll publish anything topical and/or interesting to you readers. It’s not even really about lessening my workload, but about giving exposure to people and encouraging people to be passionate. One of the best ways to remain passionate is to share your passion with other people, and I’m fully equipped to help you with that.

So, if you want to smash a keyboard, just let me know. ‘Snot like we’ve got high standards here. For what it’s worth, I’ll even help you edit and create (as time allows) stuff. If you want to make a video, go ahead and just ask me to link it. If you want to record a track, go ahead – and I’ll ensure it’s put up here (so long as it’s not gonna get me kicked off by my hosting company).

I ain’t scared! I also don’t want you to be scared! Share your passion with the world. This is the digital equivalent of me inviting you to join me on the stage. This is your chance to climb up on the stage and rip out a solo made of words, video, or an audio track.

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts …

(From As You Like It, By William “Motherfucking” Shakespeare.)

You’re welcome, even encouraged, to hit me up with ideas for things you’d like to write about. We’ve had quite a few guest submissions. We’d absolutely appreciate some more! We, and by that I mean all the readers and commenters, love us some guest submissions!

Well, I’ve gone on enough. This is just getting absurd, at this stage. I’m pretty sure you get the point, so I shan’t belabor it anymore. Let me know if you think I should contact some of the people who get awarded with my Stamp of Approval. Let me know if you’d like to share my stage. Until next time…

Shut up and play us a song!

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  1. All the world’s indeed a stage
    And we are merely players
    Performers and portrayers
    Each another’s audience
    Outside the gilded cage


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