Should I start with an acoustic or an electric?


The band strives for a minimum of four hours of practice or rehearsal, as a group, every week. We do this even if we have no performance that week. Because we all have different schedules, it can be pretty awkward.

We just finished our four hours – in one grueling session. Though, I suppose we spent about an hour of it setting up and tearing down, having coffee, and shooting the shit.

Last night was a late night, ’cause it’s the weekly guitar thread.

That means I’m exhausted. I’m too old for this shit! This is also not what retirement is supposed to look like!

For reasons, reasons too long to get into, I will be remaining with the band longer than the initial year. It has been decided. I’m going to be here anyways, and they’d really prefer it if I stuck around – and I’m having a pretty damned good time.

It’s still fun and not entirely like work. I’m going to be here and the experience can be made beneficial to other people. But, mostly it means I’m gonna get to keep making some noise and causing permanent hearing loss.

Every day that I damage your hearing is pretty much the best day ever. It’s made even better by the fact that people pay and wait in line for this.

“Please make my Golden Years more difficult, I’ll give you money! I don’t want to hear my spouse whisper sweet nothings into my ears during sexy time and I sure as hell don’t want the grandchildren to be able to talk to me without yelling.”

Oh, by the way, we old people do have sexy time. Lots and lots of sexy time. That’s a mental image you needed. You’re welcome!

I’m not actually sure if I can tie this intro into the subject of today’s article… A challenger appears!

Oh, wait! Ha!

So, other people see what we do and they think, “That looks like fun. I want to do that!” They will then frequently decide they’ll learn to play the guitar. After all, there’s no cooler instrument than the electric guitar.

They then have people tell them that they have to learn on an acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar is decidedly uncool. It’s almost as uncool as the glockenspiel. They sure as shit don’t want to learn to play classical music, ’cause nobody throws panties on the stage when you do a bitchin’ rendition of Greensleeves.

The guitar is surrounded by myths, legends, misinformation, half-truths, misconceptions, mystique, and outright lies. Let’s try to clear one of them up!

(Ha! I made it topical! David 1: Keyboard 0.)
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