By the time you read this…

By the time you read this, I will have written some 200,000 words for this site. All but like 0.5% have been in the last four months. I know this, ’cause I found a plugin that’ll tell me!

I’m taking today off – but I’m writing this early.

I did want to use it as an excuse to share a few things.

You’re all too kind, pretty much

I appreciate the encouragement and the people who visit and comment. I appreciate all the emails, private messages, and even the people who argue with me.

Wikipedia tells me that a novel is 40,000 words long. I’ve written five novels worth of words – in four months. I’m taking today off!

Someone recently threatened me with this site being what people remember me by.

I’m pretty sure they thought it was a compliment and I responded inappropriately.


No, I really don’t think this site should be my legacy. Frankly, you deserve better than that! I’ve written 200,000 words – and none of them are very meaningful or important.

Today, when I wrote this, I told you about bells and how much I wanted to play a giant pipe organ, preferably without pants.

Yeah… I don’t really want this to be how people remember me. When they post my epitaph in a local paper – I really hope it doesn’t have a mention of this site – not even as a side note.

I smash a keyboard, largely for my own amusement and because I’ve got shit to say and nobody else seems to be saying it. If they would, that’d save me some time and effort.

Shit, the other day I went out and bugged someone just to learn about harp guitars. I’m pretty positive that’s about the least productive thing I could have done. The appeal of harp guitars is really limited.

Call it a hunch, but I’m pretty sure the information in that harp guitar article was actually valuable to two people – total. Total – in the entire world.

I smashed the keyboard and told you about it anyhow.

I ain’t even sorry for that. Nope… That was probably my favorite article so far! Hells yeah, it’s a harp guitar!

And, yet you’re all usually pretty patient with me and seem to like my keyboard smashing. I enjoy it, and giggle way too frequently while I smash the keyboard and hope that words come out of it.

Y’all even tolerated me through my bout of existentialism – where I had to decide if this was going to be work or fun. I pretty much decided on the latter – and now I sometimes tell you about shit like bells, through the eyes one of the least mature people on the planet.

So, thank you for reading some 200,000 words of absurdity. Quite a few of you don’t actually play guitar, and I’m glad that you visit. The site is mostly about guitar, but it’s also very much about learning and passion.

Yup… 200,000 words and not a damned one of ’em useful.

No, I’m not kidding. I’m taking today mostly off. Until next time…

Shut up and play us a song!

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