I bet this site has more awesome readers than Rolling Stone has.

Really, it does! I’m gonna tell you why – but first I have to write this damned intro.

There are days I regret writing those intros. If I don’t do it, the front page looks horrible. Why? ‘Cause I’m pretty damned verbose, that’s why! Now, if I don’t do it, it’ll just be wrong.

First, I’ll tell you about yesterday – and that’ll be my intro.

I had very little notice before people wanted me to trek halfway across the State. Knowing that this was a foolish mission to attempt while sober, I secured myself a driver. Then, I fixed that sobriety thing. I fixed it pretty well, actually.

It was at that point that I spoke with one of the people who regularly comments and reads the site.

His name is @crazy_eyes.

He showed up yesterday, in a thread that started on Friday, and posted a track – of screaming.

This, of course, made me want to hear the story. Situations like the one I just described do not occur without also having a story.

On top of this, @crazy_eyes has been there for the start of nearly as many weekly guitar threads as I have. If not, he almost always turns up – and has from the beginning.

His story was so awesome, that I asked for permission to share it with you.

But that’s not important – for the intro. No, for the sake of this intro, that’s what prompted me to follow his shining example and used yesterday as an excuse to say, “Fuck you, I.m a rock star!”

I called my drummer back up and said I wasn’t going and that I’ll go today. I invited ’em over to get shitfaced with me. Sadly for those around us, we drunkenly found excuses to repeat that phrase, “Fuck you. I’m a rock star!”

This amused us and we discussed the future of the band long into the evening. That discussion could fill an article by itself.

I should probably also use this platform as an opportunity to apologize to the drummer’s wife. She’s a nice lady and puts up with some shit. Yes, I claimed an entire pie and should apologize.

Not gonna. Why? “Fuck you. I’m a rock star!”

Bizarre as this might seem, that actually has to do with today’s article.
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