Son of a bitch! They fixed it.

For those that didn’t notice, the site was down. Some disk filled up, at least the partition did.

This made me pretty fucking happy!

I was pretty pleased with this. I was like, “Hells yeah. I’m not telling anyone to fix the site. I’m taking today off! Labor Day weekend? Count me in!”

Some jackass, probably another hosting customer as it’s shared hosting, went and notified the fucking admins and they fucking fixed it.

That’s not okay. I was kinda hoping it’d be broken until Tuesday, and then I’d have an excuse to just laze around and maybe make something on the grill.

Bastards! Now, nearly 5 hours later, the damned thing is up and running again. I’m going to submit a support ticket asking them to kick the complaining client off the servers! This is horrible.

It’s no longer the best day ever!

So, I’m going to go find something to do that fixes that. I am still pretty much taking the day off.

The worst part about the server coming back online is that it came back after I’d decided that the site being down was a pretty sweet thing! It came back while I was typing out my text submission.

Like I said, “Bastards!”

Son of a bitch. No, it’s like 15:00 Eastern – and I don’t see me writing a damned thing.

Hmm… Fuck it… I’ll bang out a “Things Look Different From The Stage” article. Son of a bitch… I just can’t give up on my consecutive articles streak. Damn it all to hell.

You meet some interesting people…

I’m not talking about the famous musicians that you’ll meet. I’m not even really talking about the other musicians that will cross your path. I’m talking about the people you may not think of, unless you’ve been there.

There’s a pretty common perception that people such as roadies and gear-manglers are largely unskilled labor, easily replaced. The truth is, they’re often people who are also passionate about music – and themselves play.

The same is true with the venue staff. They’re frequently pretty good at what they do and do it with passion. Even the young kid working concession has a dream.

I’ve seen venue management that’s as passionate about music as we ourselves are. I’ve even had some venue staff that has joined us on stage, though that’s usually reserved for small places.

I guess my point of those examples is to illustrate that we are surrounded by a greater number of creative people and people who are truly passionate about what they do.

And, they’re often pretty weird. They have more personality quirks than a freshmen college dormitory during finals.

More often than not, I’m pretty damned happy when I return to a venue and see the same employees. Usually, it means they know what they’re doing and passionate enough to put up with the shit long enough to prove it. Sometimes, but rarely, it’s a sign of incompetent facility management.

And many of them are creative people, budding artists, people who still keep their dreams alive, and people who still have hope. (Or the occasional cynical person who’s jaded by the actual lack of glamour and riches and just sticks around ’cause it’s a living.)

Either way, they’re usually pretty interesting. If I have time, and they’re not busy, I quite enjoy meeting those people.

Hell, I’ve even met interesting janitorial staff. In one such case, the list of bands he’d seen, people he’d met, and those he liked or disliked (for a variety of reasons) was extensive and went back many years.

Many of ’em are also a mess. I’m not sure there’s ever been a more dysfunctional group of people, except maybe at a mental hospital. I’m pretty sure sobriety is less common than inebriation. I’m pretty sure a qualified psychologist would have a field day – or be mortified at the unhealthy behavior-reinforcing community we’ve built.

The person serving your soda in concessions? Yeah, they’re probably high as fuck, and there’s pretty good odds that they’ve got a psychiatrist prescribing them a whole smorgasbord of medication. Yeah, your bartender is probably a raging alcoholic, as are your server – and the people in the kitchen.

They’re often really interesting people. They’re people you may well have no chance of getting to know them. I can’t even remember all the times I’ve had waitstaff tell me that they want to be a famous singer some day.

They’re often artists themselves and they seem to somehow migrate to the peripheries of the industry – even if it’s just to touch it and say they’re a part of it. They often have a good story to tell, a wealth of experience, and a dream.

And, to me, those are interesting people. If there’s 99 people dressed in formal attire and just 1 wearing jeans and a t-shirt, I want to meet that one. Chances are, they’re pretty interesting.

If you need another reason to get out there and perform – that’s it. Even if you’re just practicing in the park, it’s the 1:100 person that stops by to listen that’s probably interesting. They too probably have a passion for music and a dream. You can probably ask ’em.

Maybe, we shouldn’t be asking, “What is your dream?” Maybe we should be asking, “What steps have you taken today to realize your dream?” I dunno, and that’s a pretty deep subject. Still, you’re surrounded by people who have a passion and a dream. They’re interesting, even the people I’d last expect to be interesting.

It’s pretty awesome and I’m going to just keep this short today. I’m still grumpy about the other hosting client who ratted me out! I’m going to go turn the grill on and make people some delicious charred dead animal flesh. Until next time!

Shut up and play us a song!

(Also, I’m not even gonna proofread this.)

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