Correcting the record: That’s not tremolo!

I’m hoping that this doesn’t turn into a rant. It could happen, but I’m going to try to maintain objectivity and civility. Try, at any rate.

There are a few subjects that I’m passionate about. As you can see, music is one of those subjects. And, unlike what some folks have accused me of, I don’t believe that music has to be a purely academic pursuit.

You don’t need to know what golpe means, or its history, in order to make use of it. You don’t need to know the technical names to make music. You don’t need to master music theory to compose good music. You don’t have to understand the wave form changes made by your effects pedals – you just have to stomp on the pedal.

But, damn it, that’s not a tremolo bar or a ‘trem block.’ It’s sure as shit not a tremolo system. It’s vibrato and yes, even manufacturers call them tremolo bars and systems.

I’ve written about this before, but that was before the site was up and running. I’m going to expand on it and attempt to correct the record. My efforts are largely going to be futile, but I can at least inform you.
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