Lessons about performing, #44: Leave your spouse home!

So… I was ahead of the game! On Sunday, I had Monday’s article all set to publish at the scheduled time. Monday came and the phone calls started coming in. It’d turn out that I’d be busy until evening came, and then my ass would be sleepy.

I like to share my article links only when I have time to address any comments and concerns. (I’m still not sure what I’m supposed to do with the site when I go on vacation for the month of January. It might be a staycation, I’m not sure.)

Which means I didn’t submit ’em to the respective sites until this morning.

Sadly, only one of you appears to have noticed and read the article on your own. Y’all know I publish ’em once a day, right? Sheesh! Only one of you came to the site, using your own initiative, and read the article! Horrible! I know what browsers you use – and I know they have bookmarking built in!

You fool nobody!

I spend all those hours, working over a hot letter forge, to smith those words. Y’all can’t even make the effort to visit the site and actually see if maybe there’s a new article and I just didn’t submit it…

Anyhow, if you want to see the article then you can click here. Slackers…

(If you were all actually my guitar students, I’d be pretty grumpy! I’m not really, but I’m gonna pretend I am.)

I need a damned secretary. Hmm… And an editor…

But, enough about that… You should already know your shame! I needn’t berate you with it.

This next rule is one that is actually a bit contentious and some people just can’t figure out how to follow it. It’s a good rule. Trust me…
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