A bit about musical notation, specifically tab.

So, as I was imbibing my early morning creativity booster, I read through my messages and responded to some. I read everything people send, but I don’t always respond – because I sometimes can’t think of anything to say.

Today, I had someone ask me a pretty good question in a private message. I’d share it, but it was specifically marked private – and I don’t need to share it in order to get today’s article done.

But, it’s from their message that I got the idea to write this article. I’m gonna tell you about musical notation.

Tab, sometimes ‘tablature’ or ‘tabulature’ has a pretty neat history.

When someone looks down on you guitarists for reading tab, just smile and say that at least your not the bass player!

More seriously, just ignore ’em and realize that they speak from a place of ignorance! And, I’m gonna teach you why!

Hmm… This is the shortest intro that I’ve written in a while. I’m pretty much done with the intro. This feels wrong! (I’ve written like 160,000 words for this site. I have a lot of words.)

Yeah… So, I’m pretty much done with this intro. I’m not sure how that happened.
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