Damned right. I’m back and it’s time for the 23rd guitarist better than Hendrix!

I’m pretty excited to write this one! I am not even feeling any time pressure or even the slightest bit concerned that it was published exactly at 10:00 Eastern. I think this is a good thing.

Besides, I wasn’t here. I sneaked away for the early morning hours. I checked on the blueberry harvest and stole about a half hour to fish a little trout stream that nobody appears to know about. Which is exactly why I’ll not be disclosing the location!

Either way, I’m pretty damned excited to write this and that’s refreshing. As I said yesterday, I believe my creativity bone is on the mend.

If you don’t know what I’m doing, why the hell are you even reading my site? I’ve explained it… Not only that, I’ve explained it 22 times already!

The wholly-unqualified, mentally-stunted, short-bus-riding, window-lickers that call themselves “journalists” while being barely capable of coherent thought, got employed by a company called Rolling Stone Magazine. How do you know they’re unqualified? They put Jimi Hendrix as the greatest guitar to every play the guitar.

They’re wrong.

They’re wrong by my definition and with my metrics. Frankly, I’m far more qualified to offer an opinion than the mentally handicapped RSM journalists.

It’s my opinion that “Greatest Guitarist” should be an objective statement, inasmuch as is humanly possible. Words like “passion” or “soul” have no place in this. Words such as “popular” or “like” are also not important for this.

If you want to make a list that takes those qualities into account, call it Greatest Artist, or something similar. Calling Jimi the Greatest Guitarist is a disservice to those of us who have spent ungodly hours learning to play and is a figurative slap in the face to those who have mastered the guitar.

You don’t have to agree. However, your disagreement should be predicated on your understanding of the topic and your qualifications to actually offer an opinion of merit. If you don’t agree, feel free to explain why.

If you seriously disagree, you can make your own damned list. I’ll even help you get it published. My argument stands on its own and I’m very comfortable defending my conclusions. On top of that, I’d actually really just like to see you all taking the time to write and publish stuff! (I do have ulterior motives!)

If you want, you can see the people who have already made the list of guitarists better than Hendrix. I will tell you that it’s missing the last two, I’m pretty sure. I haven’t gotten around to updating it – but I’ll get there.


I’ve made some effort to place these guitarists carefully into their positions. I’ve tried to rank them according to ability, but that’s really subjective. My method has sort of been based on how difficult they are to replicate.

This means you can swap these artists around on the list. You can take the one in tenth position and swap them with the one in fourth and, at the end of the day, the main point remains the same. The point is that they’re more skillful than Hendrix ever was.

I also don’t know every single guitarist. Some of the previously featured guitarists are actually from recommendations from people like you. There are even more recommendations and I’ll get to them – as this list could go on for quite some time. (There were/are many guitarists more skilled than Hendrix.)

If you have a recommendation, don’t hesitate to contact me. If you want to recommend a guitarist for inclusion, please use that link. Using that link will keep them all in a central location and means that I’m more likely to consider them for inclusion on the list.

I spend a great deal of time (far more time than I spend writing) researching these guitarists. I know who they are but I’m not an encyclopedia and I don’t know all the little details for every artist. I make an effort to ensure that the information is factual and scour multiple sources.

If you spot an error, please let me know. If you need a citation, please let me know. One recent contact was about using the work for an academic project and wanted me to show them where I got the data. If you need such, do not hesitate to contact me.

I suspect this is going to be a very long article. You have been warned.

This next guitarist has quite a long history. I’m excited to write about him, because he’s been on of my greatest motivations. I’m hesitant to say he was an influence – but I was motivated to sound like him.

You may not even like the kind of music this next musician is known for. To say that he influenced a generation is an understatement. To say that he wasn’t truly a master guitarist would be false. To not include him on my list would just be silly!

Without further ado, our next artist…
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