The tale of a very famous guitar. Part one.

Well, it’s after noon and I am sitting here with my keyboard and unable to think of what to write. I’ve got lots of things to write about, but none of them really seem like they’d be all that fun to write.

I told you… My creativity bone is broken! It kind of sucks, as it’s making these articles often seem like a chore, instead of the joy that they can be.

But, I try to get something out to you every day. Today is no different, but I need to tell you one story so that I can tell you the second story. It’ll be too long for one article, so I’ve decided to smash it into two pieces and write it that way.

I also don’t have much time. I have a show this afternoon/early-evening. I probably will leave here in just about 3.5 hours! Fortunately, it’s pretty close and we’re doing just a single set. I won’t be gone very long and I’ll be able to sleep in my own bed tonight.

There’s something to be said for being a regional band and not actually trying to achieve fame and make it big. Nope… Those following the story know that it’s all about getting paid and making it a reliable career. That’s what I’m teaching the younger generation and, so far, it’s been pretty good.

Maybe tonight will see me writing about today’s show? I am not sure, as that after-show time is still a fuzzy schedule. We shall see!

Anyhow, I am gonna tell you a story – so that I can tell you a story!
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