Things look very different from the stage, #8.

Well, my creativity bone is still broken. ‘Snot like it’ll keep me from pounding the keyboard, but it does mean I’m not very punctual.

For those that don’t know, I use WordPress as my “CMS.” That’s Content Management System, and it does all the back-end work for me. It’s really meant for people who want to write blogs but most of what I write doesn’t feel quite like a blog.

These things do. These are the little diary-type things. I don’t write them for every show, but I’ll write one for this one.

I’m still not sure for whom these are written, but I enjoy ’em and folks read them. So, here we go…

It hasn’t gotten old – yet.

I’ve done a lot of performing in my life and, to be frank, it gets kind of old after a while. You’re pushing yourself, doing the same things, and running on fumes. You’re tired of being tired and, as Jackson Brown said, “These towns all look the same.”

But, this time is pretty different from what I’m used to. Instead of being in the bars, I’m out in the sunshine or in much larger venues. We’re keeping our set lists rotated, we’re doing new material, we’re keeping things dynamic.

This is good. It means that things aren’t so repetitious that they have become mundane. It means that there’s constantly something to keep us engaged.

I’ve dedicated just a year of my life to this. Just a year… (I’m still not certain what I’ll do when the year is over, but I may stick with it a while longer.) I’m getting up there in age and I really don’t think I’ll want too many obligations as my age increases. I already have plenty of obligations and adding the band was asking for a whole lot more work.

I pretty much realized the above when I had to call the band and tell them that yesterday’s show had been postponed due to weather. I do have a show later today, and may write about that.

But, even though the show was called off, we still got together, rehearsed, and planned. The hoodlum was pretty grumpy, as she was going to perform a song with us and, strangely, I too felt a little let down by their not being a show.

I kinda figured I’d be jumping around with glee, as I’d not have to do anything. No… The whole band was a bit down about it.

That’s great, actually. It means we’re enjoying what we’re doing. It means we’re still excited to go onstage to perform. It means it hasn’t reached the point where it’s just a job. Yes, it’s work and a job, but it’s also a job we really enjoy.

It really is exciting to step out into the lights. If you had any trepidation, it fades away quickly. The time flies by and we don’t always wish we had to leave the stage. We wish we could play until dawn. We wish we could take longer breaks and come down and meet you all. We wish we could feed from the energy you give us, even if it’s just a while longer.

It’s also nice being limited to regional shows. We’re seeing a lot of familiar faces. We’re seeing a lot of repeat faces. We’re signing a lot of things and selling a lot of merchandise. We’re entertaining a bunch of people that we will see in our respective communities.

And it’s awesome. It really is. It doesn’t get much better than this. Every single time we go out, it’s pretty much the best day ever. In just about 5 hours, I need to head out and do a show today, and we’re all looking forward to it.

If you get the chance to perform, do it. Absolutely, do it. It’s a rush and I’m sure there’s some brain activity that explains the feelings we get. Even if it’s just a small audience, do it. Until next time…

Shut up and play us a song!

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