All about you…

I know, I’m late again! I told you, my creativity bone is broken. I just don’t feel like writing the things I have been writing and I’m not sure what I want to write about.

So, today, I figured I’d tell you about you.

Yes, I know a bit about you. This happens when you send headers to the server. It’s kind of important that the server’s know what packets to send and where to send them. To do that, we have to know a bit about each other.

Well, this article is about you…

Why, hello there!

I’m going to just use the last month’s stats and let you know what our traffic looks like. This will tell you a bit about who you all are and who uses the site.

Don’t worry, I don’t have any private information that you didn’t give me. What private information you do give me, I don’t share. So, there’s nothing like that going to be disclosed.

Let’s see…

Note: These figures will exclude bots, spiders, headless requests, etc…

Last month, y’all chewed through a bit over a GB in bandwidth. You were working your way towards filling up two CDs worth of data.

There were over 1,100 unique visitors – based on IP addresses and cookies, as well as (I think – I’m not sure) the stats doing some basic checks for duplicate visitors based on browser versions, etc.

Of those, many folks made more than one visit. There were just about 2,000 visitors to the site.

What did those 2,000 visitors do? Holy balls, y’all read almost 60,000 pages. That’s right, you requested 60,000 pages – and, again, this excludes spiders and indexing by search engines.

Yup… This site displays about 2,000 pages per day. The thing is, just about 63 visitors do all that. (Some of those visitors will read as many as 20 pages in a visit.)

Y’all are weird. The most popular day of the week is Tuesday. I don’t actually publish anything specific on Tuesday. I don’t know what you do that. Maybe you were browsing at work and busy on Monday? I have no idea.

You’re most active between 14:00 and 17:00 Eastern Time. So, after Tuesday lunch, you seem to come here and read a bunch of stuff. That’s pretty awesome, but you should be working!

All most all of you are from the US. There’s some VPN use, or we have a few readers from Russia. France, Canada, and (curiously) The Netherlands are also near the top.

You spend an average of 4 minutes and 24 seconds on the site. Yup, you’re here for a pretty good amount of time – and that’s per visit. So, y’all spend quite a bit of time here. That adds up to a lot of hours of eyeballs.

Some of you stay here for over an hour.

Most of you use Chrome on Windows, followed by Android. A goodly amount of you use Firefox and a surprisingly large number of you use Linux. (I should note that these stats exclude me – and I’m a Linux user.)

Most of you keep your browsers and operating system up to date – with the exception of mobile OSes. In the case of mobile OSes, iOS is almost always up to date – and Android seldom is. Some of you seem really, really lax about updates – but you’re in the minority. That’s pretty good.

Voat sends the vast majority of traffic, followed by Poal and Phuks. The rest meander in by search engine or just check the site without a referrer. I’m a bit surprised about the search engine referrals, as I don’t really optimize for it.

The most popular page in July was the one about the Martin D-28. That was followed by the 17th guitarist better than Hendrix and then by the article about why I’m frequently told that I’m tight. Ah, never change… Never change…

Finally, the site was only attacked 4 times with complex attacks and not one person tried to brute force their way into the site. This is remarkable, because the first couple of months were filled with people hammering on the server. I keep things pretty locked down and monitor all file changes.

So, you’re pretty secure here. By like day three of the first submissions of the site, I was getting a dozen attacks per hour – sometimes more. They’ve given up, finally. I keep everything updated and actually review the code for every plugin that gets installed.

Why? It’s easier for me to keep it secure than it is for me to restore from backups and find the flaw. So, I just do that. It eats up some time but I just suck at being retired.

What does this mean?

It means holy balls. The site’s traffic is phenomenal when compared to other personal sites. Many consider themselves lucky to get 100 unique visitors per month.

It means you’re interested and enjoying the content. It means that this is something you enjoy – and the traffic keeps growing. So, it also means you’re awesome. Do feel free to share with other people. I’ve made it pretty easy for you. It’s got buttons and everything.

So, there you have it. That’s what I know about you. I think you’re pretty awesome. I’m also happy to share what experiences I have and, frankly, I should have been writing this stuff years ago.

Could I get a larger audience? Oh, sure… Meh… I’ll let it grow on its own. Sometimes a bit of traffic has started to trickle in from other sites, but I don’t feel like adding to my work load. I don’t do the regular social media sites, so I’m not about to start doing those.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask ’em. Until next time…

Shut up and play us a song!

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