This is the 100th article for the site! Thanks to you folks for tolerating it!

That’s right. 100 articles!

Hells yeah! I’ve been pounding this stupid keyboard for a while now. There’s some 100 articles! (Technically, there are 101 – but that’s ’cause I still have my “holy balls, I’m out of time” article in the queue.) So, this is the 100th published article.

When I first started this, I figured I’d write three entries and then forget about it. Hell, I figured this subject was one of my favorite subjects – so I might even make five articles.

But, you crazy bastards kept coming back and encouraging me. The truth is, I’m still kinda baffled that my gibberish amuses you this much.

I’m grateful that it does. See, these are things I’ve wanted to put down in text, for a long time. It’s your commentary, questions, and interest that has motivated me to do this.

Granted, I never thought it’d look like this. I always kind of pictured me spending my last years of life writing a few scholarly articles on the subject, destined for academia. Fuck ’em. I like this style better.

I have pondered turning this into a book and just giving it away or taking donations and giving the donations to a worthy cause. Meh… We’ll figure that out when we get that far.

Oh, I forgot to tell you…

Seeing as the site has reached 100 articles, I’m being pure selfish today. I know, it’s you that motivates me – but I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and my creative bone is still broken. So, you are getting this today.

Without further ado…
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