Lessons about performing, lesson 24: There be amps in them there lines!

I need to point out that I asked a lawyer for advice and I asked two electricians for advice. My lawyer suggested I be very careful when writing this and the two electricians really weren’t the most helpful. More accurately, my lawyer advised against writing this – but if I’m going to write it then I should be careful to give zero actual advice. In other words, I can’t be all that helpful!

When I say the electricians weren’t the most helpful, that’s understandable. I can’t actually blame them because who the hell wants to assume some responsibility for an article like this? I can’t actually get them to “sign off” on anything.

Stand back, kids… We’re going to do electricity!

By the way, if you don’t know what I’m doing then see this link to read the full list of rules that performing musicians should follow. Basically, nobody has written a book about the things you should know before deciding to become a professional performing musician. That’s unfortunate, because it means you’re stuck reading my version.

Let’s get on with a future date in civil court!
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