Yes, there are at least 15 guitarists better than Hendrix! The list continues…

Yes, my dear, reader – this list goes on. It is the list that never ends! Well, I presume it’ll end someday – but that day has not yet arrived. I drop these once a week, on Thursday, and submit myself to your judgment!

Actually, I berate folks and call them fools because they keep claiming that Hendrix was the best guitarists to ever play the damned guitar. They’re wrong! They’re not just wrong, they’re horribly wrong!

For the rest of the folks who’ve been put on my list (more prestigious than an entry into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame), you can click this link.

This list is because people (like the pack of Fentanyl-snorting, cat-hating, inept keyboard warriors at Rolling Stone Magazine) keep calling him a great guitarist – even calling him the best guitarist. They made a list of 100 guitarists and fucked it all up. This is why I insult them. They’re not a music magazine, they’re a hoard of musically illiterate gibberlings that conned their way into a job!

Note: I might get tired of writing these intros – but I’ll never get tired of finding new and creative ways to insult RSM. I could do just that – for hours.

Alright, enough of this silliness. Let’s talk about yet another guitarist who’s pretty damned excellent. Continue reading “Yes, there are at least 15 guitarists better than Hendrix! The list continues…”

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