Lessons about performing, lesson twenty: Learn time management skills!

This is the twentieth entry! Holy balls! I can’t believe we’ve come this far – or that it has gone this quickly. Click here to read the whole list of rules for performing musicians.

I know, this may come off cheesy, but I really do love the feedback and comments. I didn’t expect it to make more than a few entries on this blog and call it good. I surely didn’t expect to make this list. When I started this list, I expected it’d go to maybe five.

It seems I’m really not good at expectations when it comes to this list.

The ‘net tells me that I’m lucky to get even 1000 visitors a month, that most sites get barely any. Play Guitar has had something like 1,200 visitors in the past 30 days and just keeps growing. Y’all chew through some bandwidth, too. You’ve eaten about a GB, so far this month. It’s all good. I’m probably going to throw ads on here someday.

My point is, that I don’t deserve that. I’m not that great a writer and people say things much better than I do. I’m verbose, sloppy, and hardly ever manage to stay on topic. (Probably weed’s fault, again!)

I’m also not as productive as it looks like. See, WordPress (the software that runs this site) has a delightful feature I just recently learned about. It’s allowing me to schedule stuff. So, I take my free time and write – even if it’s just 20 minute blocks. (That’s the minimum amount of free time I’ll accept.) Then, three of those makes a full hour – or about how long it’ll probably take me to pound out 1,000 words that makes this article.

Which is a hell of a damned good lead, if I do say myself, into this very topic! (I’m getting better at these damned intros!) Continue reading “Lessons about performing, lesson twenty: Learn time management skills!”

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