Lesson about Recording for the Complete Novice, lesson one: What do I need?

Alright, ladies and gentlemen. I’d like to introduce a special guest. Let me bring him out here on the stage with me. I don’t think he needs much introduction but, if he does, it’s Chris from over at The Kilt Lifters!

Let’s give him a warm welcoming round of applause, folks. They’ve taken their time and written for us – in the first of the folks to screw up the courage and contribute!  There’s another, but she’s pretty busy and hasn’t had time yet. Patience, she’d tell you. Be patient. (Or you get no cookies.)

While you’re on his site, you can purchase the latest album here, or at CDBaby.com here.

He has no idea that I’m saying this – by the way. I’m plugging his album.

What I want you to do is head on over there and watch some of his videos. You can watch ’em run around in a kilt – and the ladies say it’s devilishly handsome. Sometimes, you can catch him in our weekly guitar thread and he’s in there playing with himself! Trust, me… When Chris plays with himself, it’s somehow family friendly. It’s impressive, actually.

So, go give him a visit and buy his album! Seriously! (Can you tell I’ve been on stage recently? I had to emcee part of the last one.)

He doesn’t tell you to shut up and play us a song. He’s nicer than I am. Without further ado:
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