Let’s talk about the Fender Stratocaster and call it a lesson, shall we?

I have no shame. None. I sold that, probably long before you were born. In the 1980s, I played a keytar – on stage. I didn’t just play it – I played it like a fucking rock star. I’ve played Madonna’s Material Girl, live and on stage.

I shouldn’t quite say I have no shame ’cause. if I had recordings from that period of my life, I wouldn’t share them with you. Wait… No, I have no shame ’cause I’d giggle like a little schoolgirl and share them with you. I’d even track the number of times they were listened to.

I’m not sure, now that I think about it. It may be that I have no shame – or that I’m incapable of being embarrassed. When it comes to music, I “sold out” long ago. When it comes to being embarrassed, I can (and will) tell corny jokes on stage. Not just corny jokes – but the kind of jokes you get from a Popsicle stick. Worse, if I’m inebriated, I may make bad puns – for the whole show.

Sort of related, I once had a drummer (everyone say hello to Wog) who knew me very well. He’d punctuate my bad jokes with the drum.

Because I have no shame, I seem to have recently taken the platform of my blog to write about any damned thing I want. That’s fine – but the shameless part is that I call them “lessons.”

Today is no different. I want to talk about an iconic guitar and I am going to. I’m even going to call it a lesson. It’s my blog, I’ll touch it if I want to!
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