Lessons about performing, lesson thirteen: Practice! Practice! Practice!

I’ve heard it said that verbosity is a sign of a poor mind. Well then, I must be an intellectual pauper, ’cause I’ve got a plethora of words. (Plethora doesn’t mean what most people think it means, by the way. It’s an overabundance, not a shitton. It’s more than you need. But, I digress.)

We’ve made it to #13! I’m not actually sure how I’m not out of ideas for this series, but here we are. Earlier, I was thinking that I was pretty much out of ideas and then this one popped into my head.

What? You thought I actually planned these things? Surely you jest! No… No, I don’t. I just mash the keyboard until something comes out at the other end. That might explain my rather lengthy articles.

(I’d hitherto blamed weed, but button mashing actually sounds more formal. We’re fucking high-minded and high-society on this here site!)

Where was I?

Oh, yes… I was telling you to click the following link to learn what it is that I’m doing. This magical blue stuff takes you to a page with some information and a link to all the other articles in this series.

Basically, I smash the keyboard with my fingers and out pops things you should probably know if you’re considering a career as a performing musician. Ain’t nobody put this shit in a book before, so you get it from me. Sorry. I wish I could just say, “Read this book!” Alas, performing musicians don’t appear too interested in writing this stuff down.

So, my dear reader, you’re stuck with me and all these frivolous words.

Without further ado, on to our next lesson!
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