Lessons about performing, lesson twelve: Hire an accountant!

You probably know what I’m doing. If not, then this link will take you to the rest of these lessons and explain what it is I’m trying to do with this series.

The short version is that I’m sharing all the lessons I wish people had shared with me – specifically for performing musicians. You can find all sorts of resources to learn to play, many of them free, but nobody really tells you what it takes to be a professional musician.

My goal is to change that. This next rule isn’t one that most of you will ever need to follow. However, if you do need to follow it then it means you’re doing well. Even if you’re not doing that well – then it may be a good idea to follow this rule anyhow. More importantly, it absolutely is a good idea to read this rule and there’s almost certainly something you can take away from this.
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