Let’s talk about the Ibanez JEM.

I get a few questions and have developed some stock answers to them. One of the questions that I get is, “What kind of guitar should I get?”

My stock answer is, “Ibanez, any model.”

First, it’s their first guitar and, truthfully, it’s most likely to be used for a few months and then used as a decoration after a few months go by and people realize that it’s difficult to learn to play guitar.

Yes, yes it is difficult to learn to play guitar well. No, it’s not impossible and anyone can probably do it. It’s just a lot of work. For a small subset of people, it comes naturally. Don’t count on it. Count on it taking thousands and thousands of hours of practice.

So, if nothing else, an Ibanez looks good on the wall and is perfectly playable for those times when their buddy shows up and actually can play guitar. Which is a bonus…

But, more importantly, they’re all very playable guitars and they’re all (pretty much) good value for the price. They have many models and their prices span the spectrum.
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