The 12th Guitarist Better than Hendrix!

I’m a bit surprised the series has gone on this long. For me, things like this are temporary. They’re not something I usually set out to continue with great dedication. If you ask my *favorite* guitarists, those will change every day. Fortunately, this is about guitarists better than Hendrix.

If you don’t know what I’m doing, or want to see the complete list, click here.

Either way, I skipped two weeks (that I recall), and that means I’ve actually been at this for more than three months. Like I said, I’m surprised I’ve kept it going this long.on. But, this series has been fun to work on – so it continues.

I actually like the next guitarist on the list more than it may appear. I’d liked to have put him higher on the list, but that seemed really difficult to do and still justify my claim of attempting to be objective.

But, you really can play mix-and-match with this list. You can swap one out from one spot and put them in another spot. They’re all better than Hendrix and, after the top ten, they’re really hard to quantify.

And, our next guitarist is no different. Man, he made some shitty music. He made some great music – but much of it was just horrible. Horrible!

He’s one of those guitarists that many seem to either hate or love. Not many people are indifferent. I’m on the love side. I think he was awesome!

So, who is he?
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