It’s now time for the 8th guitarist better than Jimi!

If you’re not aware of what I’m doing with this list then I urge you to read this. Greatest guitarist of all time? I think not! Basically, Jimi Hendrix is frequently rated as the best guitarist to ever play. Pretty much everyone puts Hendrix at the top of their list of great guitarists.

They’re wrong. In fact, they couldn’t be all that much further from the truth. Jimi was a great artist, a wonderful showman, and not nearly the guitarist people make him out to be – speaking from a point of technical ability. He influenced many people and helped to change the history of rock, but he was not a great guitarist.

So, I’m compiling a list of guitarists better than he – and I’m sharing that list with you. It has been a fun ride, so far. I explain why the artists on my list are great and give you a reason to think critically about the claims made by absurd pundits at Rolling Stone Magazine. *spits*

It’s important to remember that, at this level, many of these guitarists could be swapped with other guitarist positions and the list still make sense. Frankly, they’re all very, very good.

Today’s artist may not be liked by all that many people, but people liking him is not a prerequisite for inclusion on this list. This list is for people who are masters of their instrument. Personally, I love his material but I don’t think anyone could argue that he should be excluded from this list.

Without further ado…

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