And so it begins…

I suppose, I should probably make some testing posts and make sure that things are working properly. I’ve quite a few things installed and this looks like I’ll be mostly happy with this server.

I hope I needn’t remind folks that they’re to be on their best, most civil, behavior. This is meant to be a pretty helpful site and we can’t keep it running (we, ’cause I want you to be involved) if we’re not well behaved. The hosting company has standards and we don’t really meet them, but I’m hoping we can fake it well enough.

So, what goes here? Well, we’re going to learn about the guitar in an organized fashion. Ha! I lied…. There’s nothing organized about this.

I’ll get a forum installed in a little while, but this is about all I’m up for doing today. This isn’t going to be a high volume site, unless you pitch in and help make it a high volume site. So, what you get out of here is what you put into here. Otherwise, you just get what I put into here and I’m a pretty busy fella.

Thanks for your cooperation,

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